Crypto Alert - Crypto MACD Golden Cross Detect
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Crypto Alert - Crypto MACD Golden Cross Detect
Crypto Alert - Crypto MACD Golden Cross Detect

Crypto Alert - Crypto MACD Golden Cross Detect

Monitors cryptocurrency to detect MACD golden and Death crosses and alert you

App Size: 4.9M
Release Date: Apr 28, 2021
Price: Free
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Crypto Alert is an app that monitors a cryptocurrency that you're interested in to capture a MACD golden or death cross and alert you when the golden or death cross is detected.

Successful stock trading requires a strategy and a tool that supports such a strategy. Crypto Alert is a tool that supports users with using the MACD golden cross strategy, one of the time-proven strategies.

Many stock trading 101 classes teach you that you can make a profit when you buy a stock when a MACD line crosses over a MACD-signal line in the stock chart. It is a robust strategy that certainly leads you to success in stock trading. But, it means that we have to monitor the stock chart 24/7 all year round, which makes people give up the strategy in the middle.

Crypto Alert is not an app that just gives you a price alert. Crypto Alert is an app that fulfills such a unique requirement to capture the MACD golden cross in a stock chart and give you an alert when it captures it. You can stop minding a stock chart in your normal daily life while you're keeping an eye on a stock chart. This will make you capture a perfect buying point.

Now, use Crypto Alert and receive a notification at a perfect buying or selling point without any efforts on daily chart analysis!

MACD Strategy
1. Configure this app to monitor cryptocurrency for MACD golden cross. Buy it when the app gives you a buy alert.
2. Then, configure this app to monitor the cryptocurrency for MACD death cross, and sell it when the app gives you a sell alert.
3. You can use the app in a reversed way if you want to short the cryptocurrency.

How to activate this app
1. You need to get api key first. Enter e-mail address and your organization(optional), and click the GET FREE API KEY button. Then, your key will be displayed.

2. Enter the displayed key into the key field and click the Registration button.
Note: You only need to register your key just once after installing this app. No need to get a new key every time you activate the monitoring.

3. Go to Activate Alert page, and choose one of the cryptocurrencies.
Supported cryptocurrencies are as follows:

4. Select signal type of Golden cross or Death cross. Crypto Alert will monitor the cryptocurrency to detect the selected signal.

5. Click START button to activate the monitoring of the chart of a selected cryptocurrency. Crypto Alert will start monitoring the chart in the background, and send you an alert when it detects the buy or sell signal.

6. Whenever you start the monitoring, 10 Start coins are consumed. Monitoring of cryptocurrency will last for 10 days once the monitoring started. Start coins can be gained by clicking the Watch AD button.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.9M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Fin Soft
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