Geek App - Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials
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Geek App - Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials
Geek App - Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials

Geek App - Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials

Start your Job Career in Ethical Hacking and help corporates save their business

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The Geek App - Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials is an One Stop Destination for all your Security and Technology needs.

Kick Start your career in Ethical Hacking and help corporates save their business.

By being an Ethical Hacker yourself, you can save yourself and your loved one's too in this current digital open world.

The App provides you with a lot of information and facts happening around the world of security and technology.

Now (and in the foreseeable future), being aware of security in general, can help you save yourselves a lot of troubles. And yeah, Ethical Hacking Engineers and Security Engineers are in huge demand by all the corporates.

Its one of the highest paying job right now.

So, staying updated with this field is very Important.

But it can be really time-consuming and edgy. Not to worry, this App does all the heavy lifting for you. You will get the days most important Facts, Tutorials or News right to your phone. You don't have to go and search online now to keep yourself updated. You will get a Notification every day and you spend hardly 2 mins to read it (if you want to) and before you know (or probably a month later), you already know what your friends and peeps are talking about Security or Technology. You will end up being the center of conversation for all the Tech and Security hot topics.

A little glimpse of what is there in the app:

Introduction to Security: Start with the basics on information and network security.

Nerd Dictionary: Start your Journey with the basic terms and terminologies used in the security and technology field

Protect Yourself: How to protect yourself from the dangerous digital world. How you can keep yourself safe from someone taking your personal details and privacy

What is a firewall?: Tells you what a firewall is and how it can be used to control the access of a system or a network. Also different software used for the purpose.

What is a Computer Network?: A very good explanation of what are computer networks.

What is a DNS Server?: The very basic of Internet. Learn about the Domain Name Servers

Some Interesting Facts like:

Changing fonts can save printer ink

QWERTY Keyboard design was designed to slow you down

Domain name registrations were free till 1995

In 1956, 5 megabytes (5MB) of data weighed a ton

Russia built a computer that ran on water: in 1936

One of the first Computer Science Ph.D.'s was earned by a nun

Pal Spilling unplugged the entire Norwegian Internet in order to save it


Ask For Help Section- If you need any help on any Security or Technology topics, you can ask me here. I will try my best to answer it as soon as possible.

Progress Tracking- Track your progress using our Progress Tracker.

News- Our most awarded and rewarding space for tech/ security enthusiasts. One news a day from the Ethical Hacking/ Security/ Technology field is enough to keep you updated and make you different from other people in the field.

So Basically, In brief, you can say that this app is a Single stop for Tutorials, Facts and News for the Ethical Hackers aka Security Engineers/ Enthusiasts
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