Salat Nearby Nearby Mosques  Salah Timings
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Salat Nearby Nearby Mosques Salah Timings
Salat Nearby Nearby Mosques  Salah Timings

Salat Nearby Nearby Mosques Salah Timings

Find Salah Timings in your nearby Mosques Masjids

Developer: SFM Solutions
App Size: 3.6M
Release Date: Mar 8, 2018
Price: Free
43 Ratings
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Salat Nearby application help users to offer Salah in nearby Masjids(Mosques) on time around globe.

1. User can see list of Masjids (Mosques) around him and refresh that list by adjusting the distance in KM or Mile.
2. Search of Nearby Masjids based on distance in KM or Mile and user can changes distance mode from settings in application.
3. User can see Masjids (Mosques) and its details on map.
4. User can search Masjid Nearby list against name of Masjid or Address or Location.
5. User can see timings of Namaz (Salat) of each Masjid and can update Namaz timings as well. Once user set and update timings of Salah it will be available for other user in real time.
6. User can see the direct distance and driving distance of Masjid Nearby and can navigate to it via Google Navigation app.
7. User can launch Map[Google application] to navigate to Nearby Masjid. It will help to reach exact masjid location through help of Google Navigation app.
8. User can see default (Standard) Salah timings as per his current location. Default timings are based on current location of user.
9. User can change methods to calculate default (Standard) Salah timings by opting any Islamic schools of thoughts.
10. User can change maps modes through setting on MapView List. It will help user to see exact location and details of the place(Mosque).
11. User can find nearby mosque (Masjids) and Places.

Few more features added and user can use it version 1.1.1 onwards:
New Features added:-
1. User can see Friday Prayer(Jumah Namaz) timings of Nearby Masjids(Mosques) on List.
2. User can click on view icon to see a popup dialog with all namaz timings of a Masjid(mosque).
3. User can see all masjids on Map by tapping map icon on actionbar.
4. User can Rate Us on Google Play Store and can Share app with his/her friends via various social application.
5. Direction Compass feature added. Now user can see Qibla direction as per their current location.
6. Dialog to see Salah timings of a Masjid(Mosque).

1. This application build for a noble cause to help all Muslim Ummah to offer salah on time. Need your co-operation too to make this application a successful. It is completely free.
2. Please keep updating your near by masjid's namaz timings so that people can offer namaz on time.
3. Don't forget to share your invaluable suggest, so that by integrating those changes it can be more useful and user friendly.

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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.6
Size: 3.6M
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: SFM Solutions
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