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Football Referee App - RefLIVE
Football Referee App - RefLIVE

Football Referee App - RefLIVE

Football soccer referees record goals, cards, subs well-being data.

Developer: RefLIVE
App Size: 7.8M
Release Date: Sep 21, 2016
Price: Free
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The Football (soccer) Referee App by RefLIVE is the latest in sports officiating technology. Changing the way football (soccer) referees record match data and track performances.


RefLIVE has designed the world's best smartphone and smartwatch app for football (soccer) Referees. Having been tested at FIFA International level, RefLIVE’s Football (soccer) Referee App will have you throwing out your notepad and pen in no time.

Parents, fans, administrators and the media have also embraced the use of RefLIVE to reduce referee abuse and improve the environment at matches. Your league can now view your team behavior ratings, well-being scores and performance self assessment.

If you have a smartwatch, you can enjoy our customisable features for ease of use, and the Football (soccer) Referee App will save you time when recording match details, allowing you to concentrate on the things that matter.

Join the revolution and see why users in over 120 countries choose RefLIVE! For more information visit us at

**Here's your A-Z guide to setting up and using your Football (soccer) Referee App**

Pre Match

• Select your teams & short team names and player numbers, names are optional but not compulsory

• Set your half length

• Select your location

• Enter the Y (yellow card) & R (red card) codes for offences committed relevant to your association

• Select whether or not substitutions are to be recorded

During Match

• Control the time with the larger stopwatch that starts and stops at your discretion with an elapsed timer that runs continuously. The screen will flash red when the timer has been stopped.

• Record details of matches by swiping right for the home team events (goals, cards and subs) and left for away team events.

• When recording goals you have the option of selecting a penalty when relevant or an own goal which loads through the numbers of the opposition players. Once you have selected the player who scored simply click done to return to the stopwatch screen and the score will automatically update.

• For recording yellow or red cards simply select either the yellow or red icon and choose the appropriate reason for the caution. Once a player has received a second yellow card or a red card their number is removed from all match recording lists.

• If substitutions are required to be recorded, select the substitution option and simply select the player who is coming off for the player coming on.

• The number of substitutions used by each team is shown by the number of dots located next to the elapsed timer on the side of the corresponding team.

• To check players that have received yellow and red cards or that have been substituted, simply scroll down from the home screen.

• To edit or undo mistakes, simply long press the timer screen for additional options.


• Match summary contains all details recorded throughout the game. If the watch is used the details synchronise with the smartphone to provide a chronological list of the match events in clear detail.

• Any details that were recorded incorrectly during the game can be edited in the post-match report.

• The post-match report can be used to simply update manual paper team sheets or allow for the report to be sent via email.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at
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Price: Free
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Size: 7.8M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: RefLIVE
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