성경과 찬송가 스마트 성경찬송 개역개정 큰글 성경
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성경과 찬송가 스마트 성경찬송 개역개정 큰글 성경
성경과 찬송가 스마트 성경찬송 개역개정 큰글 성경

성경과 찬송가 스마트 성경찬송 개역개정 큰글 성경

It provides the convenience of opening four Bible books at the same time. Powerful search function Revised Version Revised Korean Bible hymn offline Bible reading

Developer: Eugene Song
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Aug 16, 2018
Price: Free
2,378 Ratings
Varies With Device
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In the meantime, hymn content has been added from v2.0 by collecting the opinions of many users.
In consideration of these changes, the app name has been changed from ‘Christian Bible’ to ‘Smart Bible and Hymns’.

Aren't you using an illegal Bible-hymn app right now?

The standard Bible of major denominations in Korea, the Revised Version of the Bible. Now use it “legally” for free.
The standard hymn is also a hymn of the 21st century. We have officially entered into a copyright agreement agreement with the Korea Hymnal Society.
(The producer pays the full copyright fee for the 'Revision Revision' / A small amount is charged for hymns.)

The most convenient way to view 4 versions simultaneously with one click
Even hymns / gyogongmun that are different to support lyrics and voice search!

By combining patented technology that has never been experienced in the Bible hymn application released so far,
Legal Bibles and hymns released to Korean believers!

1. Differentiated search function

- We will find all of the words, regardless of the number of words before and after.
ex) If you want to find the words of the Bible where Jesus and Peter appear together?
Search for 'Jesus Peter'. You can find text Bible verses that contain both words together. (Search results for the Gospel of Matthew: 10)

- You can search by chapter or verse for easy reading of the Bible.
Just like the main text in the bulletin, you can also search for abbreviated expressions such as ‘Genesis 1:1’ and ‘Genesis 1:1’.

- Voice search function is also provided.
If typing a search term is cumbersome, try using the voice search function. It provides accurate search results with a high recognition rate.

- Provides search results in just 0.1 seconds.
All search results are available in the blink of an eye in our Bible app.

- Provides the same search function for hymns.
You can search not only by hymn chapter number, but also by part of the lyrics.

Experience the most powerful search function among existing Bible hymn apps.

2. What is the difference between the patented Bible application?
Interactive Multi-Browsing Bookmark Bible created using patented technology.
(Patent Registration No. 10-1843113)

What if you want to see 4 Bible verses at the same time?
What should we do if we need to find several Bible texts to read together during worship?

After reading 1 Chronicles 4:9, I read Genesis 1:27.
Again, find and read James 4:2, and find and read 2 Chronicles 16:9
Find and read Matthew 6:13…
Is it cumbersome to click if there are many Bible texts to search during worship or QT?

In order to find and read various parts of the Bible like this, all the screens you have seen before will disappear.
There was the inconvenience of having to click countless times again to find the Bible, chapter, and verse previously found.

Now, read the Bible conveniently with 4 multi-browsing functions.

3. The New International Version of the Bible is now “legally” free to use.
Are you using a free Bible hymn app that was created without permission without copyright agreement?

In the process of negotiating copyright use with the Korean Bible Society and Korea Hymnal Society for the production of this Bible hymn application, most of the free Bible and hymn application creators use the revised version of the Bible and 21st century hymns without permission without any discussion on copyright. I found out that I am doing it. As a result of setting an example for our smart Bible and hymns for the past 3 years, other Bible app makers and developers have also officially signed a copyright license agreement with the Korean Bible Society and the Korea Hymnal Society.

“Everyone who sins practices lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.” - 1 John 3:4

On the other hand, I have no experience or burden with the Bible app payment.
Many people who are hesitant to download a paid Bible app have also come to know the reality.

So, our producers decided to directly bear the copyright royalties for the 'Revised Revised Standard Bible'.
Users can use the 'Revised Version' and various Bible versions whose copyright has expired for free, while the general version is available for a fee.

The Bible versions currently provided are as follows, and will be added continuously through copyright negotiations.
Translations provided: Revised Korean Version, New Korean Version, New Translation, WEB, KJV

4. Other key features of 'Smart Bible and Hymn'
-Bible to read while protecting your eyesight with night mode
- Bible without internet connection required
- 66 books of Bibles in alphabetical order, selectable Bibles
- Real-time saving of the text of the 4 Bible bookmarks you were reading
(Even if you re-run the app, it shows the position of the text you were reading.)
- Quick change of font/size and line spacing (large character Bible)
- Save and copy the Bible text highlights
- Bible text / translation view function provided
- Provide always-on function, etc.
- Provided with KJV English Bible

Now get closer to the Bible word and hymn through 'Smart Bible and Hymn'!
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성경과 찬송가 스마트 성경찬송 개역개정 큰글 성경 2.6.6 2024-03-08
2024-03-08 Version History
- 오늘의 말씀 알림 관련 오류 수정
- 기타 오류 수정

~Eugene Song
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Price: Free
Version: 2.6.6
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Aug 16, 2018
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Eugene Song
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