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Hunminjungum Keypad

Old Hangul in our daily life The Hunminjungum Keypad takes the step together.

Developer: Sungwook
App Size: 6.2M
Release Date: Dec 27, 2021
Price: Free
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This application is 'Hunminjungum Keypad [Hangul]' that supports the input of Old Hangul, but in the actual text service, it provides only the input of modern Hangul.

The Old Hangul has been used for hundreds of years after King Sejong the Great created 훈민져ᇰᅙᅳᆷ, but in modern Korean society, it has not been used in the life of the public for decades and is forgotten.

However, many people tried to restore the Old Hangul digitally, and through these efforts, the Old Hangul standard was established in Unicode and several Old Hangul programs and fonts were developed to implement this standard.

This application supports the Unicode Old Hangul standard and was designed to make people familiar with Old Hangul.

Now the Old Hangul is ready to return to our daily life. Do you want to experience the Old Hangul? Then let's get started.

癸亥冬 我殿下創制正音二十八字 - p62, l4
(In the winter of the year of Gyehae, Our Majesty created the twenty-eight letters of Jeongeum)
略揭例義以示之 名曰訓民正音. - p62, l5
(He showed it by giving a concise example and meaning, and named it '훈민져ᇰᅙᅳᆷ'.)
以二十八字而轉換無窮 簡而要 精而通. - p63, l1
(With just twenty-eight letters it rotates and has no end, it is simple and useful, precise and widely communicated.)
故智者不終朝而會 愚者可浹旬而學. - p63, l2
(Therefore a wise person understands it even if the morning is not over, and a foolish person learns it in ten days.)
以是解書 可以知其義. - p63, l3
(If solving the writing with this, gets to know the meaning.)
以是聽訟 可以得其情. - p63, l4
(If listening to a fight with this, comes to understand the situation.)
無所用而不備 無所往而不達. - p63, l6
(No lack of equipment in what you use, No failure to reach where you go.)
雖風聲鶴唳 鷄鳴狗吠 皆可得而書矣. - p63, l7
(How much less can the sound of the wind, the cry of a crane, the cry of a rooster, and the barking of a dog be gotten and written down.)
遂命詳加解釋 以喩諸人. - p63, l8
(At last He commanded to add detailed explanation and make everyone aware.)

■ Input mode
Hunminjungum Keypad provides Hunminjungum mode where you can input Hangul and Old Hangul, and Hangul mode where you can input only Hangul. When Hunminjungum Keypad application operates in the foreground, both the Hunminjungum mode and Hangul mode are activated, but when operating in the background and is used for the actual text service, only the Hangul mode is activated. This is to prevent the transmission of Old Hangul by mistake in the actual text service, since most systems in Korean society only process the input of Hangul. Default is Hangul mode.

■ Standard type and Simple type
When the input mode is decided, the Standard type Keypad, in which all the letter buttons of consonants and vowels are displayed, and the Simple type Keypad, in which stroke-added letters are hidden around the starting (representative) letters of the consonants, are provided.

■ Input of Hangul and Old Hangul
Hunminjungum Keypad provides 17 basic consonants and 11 basic vowels as buttons. Therefore, there is generally no need to learn how to input by combining letters. Just press the consonants and vowels as they appear and input them. To input stroke-added letters in the Simple type Keypad, press the starting letters ㄱ, ㄴ, ㅁ, ㅅ, ㅇ and then push to the direction in which the stroke-added letters appear.

■ Input of double consonants
In the initial consonant, you can input double consonants by pressing the consonant button twice.
By pressing the shift(⇧) button, you can explicitly input double consonants in both the initial and final consonants.

■ Toggle input of vowels
ㅗ, ㅏ, ㅜ, ㅓ, and ㅛ, ㅑ, ㅠ, ㅕ are toggled each time the button is pressed.

■ Selection input of vowels in Hunminjungum mode
Among the Old Hangul vowels, letters like ᆂ require two consecutive input of ㅗ. For this, if you press and hold the button of ㅛ after entering ㅗ, a popup of candidate letters appears. Select ㅗ and input it. Old Hangul vowels that require such input through candidate popup are ᆂ, ᆇ, ᆍ, ᆓ, ᆥ, and ힿ (ㅣ + ㅕ).

■ Language support
Korean, English
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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.3_220227
Size: 6.2M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Sungwook
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