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Aviator Clocks

Aviation Themed Clock Widgets Cockpit Live Wallpapers

Developer: Kubitz Inc.
App Size: 12M
Release Date: Oct 18, 2012
Price: Free
539 Ratings
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Aviator Clocks is a phone customization app that contains aviation themed analog clock widgets to place on your home screen. The app also contains cockpit view live wallpapers, with a background sky and heads-up display that roll as your phone rotates. Developed by an ex-flight test engineer (F-16) and an ex-helicopter pilot (UH-1H), this app is really a badge of honor for any serious aviation fan.

The free version comes with 3 airplane clock themes and 3 cockpit live wallpapers. A license key can be purchased which unlocks 10 more clock themes and 5 more cockpit wallpapers to satisfy any pilot. We even have a Hind cockpit wallpaper and a rotor tach clock for all you helo drivers. The license key is a one-time purchase, which Google Play will manage so that all themes will be unlocked on your other Android devices too.

- No advertisements (i.e. phone FOD)
- 17 possible clock faces (theme/color combos):
★ Altimeter (free)
★ Turbofan Engine (free)
★ Airspeed Indicator (free)
★ Radial Engine
★ Directional Gyro
★ Radar Screen
★ Artificial Horizon
★ Heads Up Display (HUD)
★ Rotor Tachometer
★ Multi Function Display with 3 color schemes
★ Fighter Pilot Helmet
★ Soviet MiG Clock with 2 modes
★ Skydiver Altimeter with 2 color schemes
- Clock resizing capability
- 8 cockpit live wallpapers:
★ AV-8B Harrier (free)
★ Mi-24 Hind (free)
★ SR-71 Blackbird (free)
★ MiG-21 Fishbed
★ F-16 Fighting Falcon
★ F-4 Phantom
★ MiG-29 Fulcrum
★ F-22 Raptor
★ more to follow
- 5 sky backgrounds (out cockpit windshield)
- parallax effect for pitch and yaw control

Note, if you know what any of the following terms/phrases mean, then this app is definitely for you: sierra hotel, NFOD, Martin-Baker fan club, HOTAS, flathatting, CAVU, sortie, check six, IFR, fangs out, conning, booming.

To add a widget, do the following:
1) Open the app drawer.
2) Select the 'Widgets' tab.
3) Long press on 'Aviator Clocks' and drop it on your home screen.
4) Resize and center as needed.

1) Touching the clock face will open up the menu for changing themes.
2) A long press on the clock face will allow resizing.
3) If your display is small, you may need to scroll to see all theme buttons.

For the 'Artificial Horizon' and 'Heads Up Display' clock themes, the hour hand controls the horizon...so don't panic when you find yourself in a tight turn or even inverted at various times during the day. Also, for you chopper pilots, the 'Rotor Tach' clock theme will display a dangerous flying condition for most hours of the day.

Some versions of Android are slow to update their widget list, so you may have to give it a few minutes for Aviator Clocks to show up. If you don't have patience for this, a quick phone reboot should force the list to update (not a very elegant solutions, but it is a failsafe one for the vast array of phones out there).
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Price: Free
Version: 2.1.0
Size: 12M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Kubitz Inc.
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