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Library of Babel 3D
Library of Babel 3D

Library of Babel 3D

Experience the Library of Babel from the short story by Jorge Luis Borges in 3D.

Developer: Keiwan Donyagard
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jul 12, 2017
Price: Free
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In the Library of Babel you can find any page of text that can be written down using the combination of the 26 lowercase letters of the English alphabet and the comma, period and space.

Every meaningful and meaningless thought exists in some book on one of the five shelves on one of the four walls in one of the many hexagonal rooms somewhere deep within the Library of Babel. But for every page of meaningful content, there are also billions and trillions of pages full of "gibberish".

The librarians of this library spend all of their lives reading the books in the search for wisdom. If you meet some of them during your journey through the Library, they will be happy to tell you what they might have already found in some of the books.

To make your life a bit easier, there is a built in search menu that lets you search for whatever text that comes to your mind. After you hit the search button don't forget to press "GO" so that you are taken to the exact location of the book that contains your search phrase. ( Also, don't tell the librarians about this search machine of yours. They might steal it and throw you over the railing into the endless pit of darkness in the middle of the hexagons. )

The pages that you see in this 3D Library are all generated by Jonathan Basile's brilliant website libraryofbabel.info (Internet access is required to view and search for pages)
Visit the website if you are interested in the whole idea and don't forget to read the original short story by Borges. This app will make a lot more sense afterwards.

The app lets you look around by moving your phone around as if your were actually inside the library. Or you can turn off this "VR" mode and use the double on-screen joysticks to move and look around.

If there are any problems, feel free to contact me.
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Price: Free
Version: 3.1.0
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jul 12, 2017
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Keiwan Donyagard
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