Contacts Backup Cloud Backup
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Contacts Backup Cloud Backup
Contacts Backup Cloud Backup

Contacts Backup Cloud Backup

Contacts Backup will easily backup all your contacts with cloud storage

Developer: ixast
App Size: 5.6M
Release Date: Nov 28, 2021
Price: Free
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Are you looking for an app that can backup your contacts and then restore them with just a single tap? Then don't worry, because thanks to the Contacts Backup app, you can protect and rapidly restore all your contacts.

With this phonebook backup and restore app, you can recover contacts and transfer contacts from one device to another. The easy transfer contacts feature will let you transfer your contacts easily and rapidly through devices for free! 

With this app, you can easily store and protect all your contacts. With just a click your can backup or recover all your data. Download your backed-up contacts for free whenever and wherever you want. You can also easily share all of your contacts on social media platforms or through messaging applications. Plus, with the lock-up feature you can lock your app with a PIN and secure it. Plus, all of these features are available for all of our users for free!

🔹Contacts Backup
The main feature of this app is to backup contacts and store them. Thanks to our easy-to-use UI, you can effortlessly and rapidly backup all your contacts, with just a single tap!

🔹Cloud Storage
Contacts Backup will easily backup all your contacts with cloud storage, and you'll be able to recover them whenever you want. All the features in the app are free, although there is a small storage limit for the free plan. You can enjoy unlimited storage for a small price. Once you backup contacts, all your data will be stored in the cloud storage, and nobody, except you, will be able to access the data stored by you.

🔹Secure Your App With A PIN
You can always lock your app with a PIN code. With this great feature, you can secure your app.

🔹Share Contacts
With the Contacts Backup app, you can share your contacts between phones.

🔹Restore Contacts
We all change our phones, yet changing phones can be kind of a hard experience when it comes to transferring your contacts. But don't worry! Thanks to this app, you can easily backup contacts and then restore them.

💡 Features
★ Easily backup your contacts with only one click
★ An easy-to-use UI
★ Protect all your data with the cloud storage feature
★ Lock and secure your app with a PIN
★ Share your contacts between phones quickly
★ Restore your contacts whenever you need
★ A free-to-use app, except for some cloud storage limitations. You can always enjoy unlimited cloud storage for a small price.

💡 How to Use
★ First, you have the opportunity to use the app both as a guest and as a logged-in user. You can sign up with your e-mail and a password.
★ After logging in, allow the app to access your contacts.
★ You can use the "quick backup" feature to backup contacts rapidly.
★ In addition to the quick backup feature, you can backup different contacts individually by selecting them.
★ After backing up your contacts, they will be stored in the cloud storage.
★ Whenever you need to restore your contacts, you can use the recovery feature.
★ Plus, when you need to share your contacts, you can use the "contact share" feature.

With this backup my contacts app you can backup all your contacts and store them in the cloud storage with just one tap. You can easily backup all your contacts or select individual contacts to backup. Our app and all of its features are free-to-use.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.7
Size: 5.6M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: ixast
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