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Flight 737 - MAXIMUM

Flight 737 - MAXIMUM

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Realistic enough to give you a real pilot feeling
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Flight 737 - MAXIMUM
* Only the most realistic simulation on 737
* Changing flight plan and check list specific to each flight
* FMC, Fuel data, ICAO, Leg Vectors, Flight number.
* In-cockpit lighting settings
* Radio frequency and radio usage, communication with tower, ground services and flight crew
* Cabinet pressure and IRS features
* Realistic navigation system
* In-flight real audio and visual alerts
* Realistic flight physics
* Realistic preparation, taxi, take-off, cruise and landing scenario
* You set the flight time yourself
* Air during the flight; Set yourself as Snow, Wind, Rain or Good weather
* Ability to land at the airport you want from the airport you want
* Realistic explosion and accident scenarios
* Active air traffic
* Post-landing procedures and the task to park the aircraft correctly.

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Flight 737 - MAXIMUM
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