Connect The Dots - Color Connect - Mr Connect Pro
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Connect The Dots - Color Connect - Mr Connect Pro
Connect The Dots - Color Connect - Mr Connect Pro

Connect The Dots - Color Connect - Mr Connect Pro

Mr Connect - Connect the Bulbs on the board to complete the level.Amazing Game

Developer: Team Fitnessfundoo
App Size: 15M
Release Date: Oct 20, 2020
Price: $6.99
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Mr Connect Pro is Amazing hard puzzle game!!
Mr Connect Pro is ad free and 100 hints!!

It is simple and also will remind you real life scenarios like where you cut the wire and you just need to connect same color or wires. In this game you will get bulbs in place of wires but you need to connect same color bulbs
by putting finger on the bulb and drag it to the same color's other bulb. It is like Flow Free on the board, Bulbs look like dots and you need to Connect the dots of same color in the game.It is also similar to Color Connect where you just
connect same color wires in the board. There is meter on the game which shows you need to Flow Free on the board like it completely covers the board. Once you keep playing the game it becomes harder and harder but you have option to get hint
in the game so if you get stuck on some level you can use hint and complete the level also you can purchase the hints and watch reward ad if you finished the hints.

In this game you need to draw Color Line so it covers the board. Color Line will cover the board then it will occupy all the board.Once you finish the level you will be able to color line in all over the board.

You need to Link Bulbs in the game with each other. Once you link it will light up the bulbs. You can link and unlink any time and reset the game at any point of time.

The game becomes harder and harder which also improves focus and ability to compete. It is similar to popular game Connect the dots and Flow Free. But it is different because it offers many level and becomes harder to play as you play in the game.

The bulbs asks player to Connect Me as if you will not connect the level can not be completed. If you Connect the Dots in correct way in one time then you will get a wheel which important to unlock other levels to play further.

Free Play through more the 1500 levels. Flow Free or Mr Connect gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed , to challenging and frenetic , and everywhere in between.

Mr Connect is known as :
** Connect The Dots
** Color Connect
** Color Line
** Flow Free
** Connect The Bulbs
** Link Dots
** Line Puzzle
** Line Connect
** Dot Connect
** Link Bulb
** Connect It
** Connect Me

Mr Connect has More than 1500+ levels!!

Mr Connect is very good puzzle game for puzzle lovers. Join the wires of bulb of same color by covering 100% board space.

Mr Connect has Amazing graphics with very good sound and design.

Mr Connect has many different levels.

Not everyone is able to complete all levels.

When wires are connected with each other light bulb will be on.

Easy to play Mr Connect .
1) Take wire from bulb and connect it to with same color bulb.
2) When it will be connected with correct bulb it will light up.
3) Join the wires as it covers whole space of the board.

That's it you are good to go...

Don't forget to share Mr Connect Pro with your friends and family.
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Price: $6.99
Version: 1.0
Size: 15M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Team Fitnessfundoo
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