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Use your smartphone as a 12-channel Kims hearing aid
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Welcome to our KimS smartphone hearing aid application.
We will briefly explain the features of our hearing aid application.

1. It fully supports the amplification of 11 frequencies checked by the audio meter, and a total of 12 channels are independently configured.
2. It is easy to use and it is possible to test whether it is suitable as a hearing aid for smartphones released after 2015.
3. Background service is fully supported to work even when the screen is off, and it is translated into 49 languages ​​worldwide.

Can all smartphones be used for hearing aids?

: Not all smartphones can be used as hearing aids because the performance of the microphone and speaker is also very important. So this application is made so that it can be used as a hearing aid to some extent by allowing you to adjust each smartphone according to the performance of different microphones and speakers. A smartphone with superior microphone and speaker performance can have amplification similar to that of general commercial hearing aids.

Are there any precautions when using?

: Before using this application, be sure to set the volume of the smartphone to 30%-40%, connect the earphones to the smartphone, and use it to avoid unpleasant sounds or sudden high-pitched sounds.

Are the user manuals translated into multiple languages?

: Be sure to read the user manual. So, detailed pictures and translated into 49 languages ​​for anyone to understand. The user manual is designed to be read and understood within 5 minutes by minimizing the amount as much as possible.

Is it possible to adjust the frequency without specialized knowledge?

: All individual frequencies are negative numbers. So it is absolutely safe. No specialized knowledge is required, and it is designed to be safer as you use frequencies. If you are an ordinary person who can do subtraction, it is very easy to control. If you can't subtract, ask someone who can do this.

How do you specifically adjust the frequency?

: Just like adjusting the volume of a smartphone, you can raise all frequencies as needed at a time, select a few frequencies with good hearing, and lower them as needed.

Doesn't it consume a lot of battery?

: Adjust to the point where you can hear the sound comfortably, then enter the background service and use it for as long as you need. If you use it as a background service, you can use it with the screen turned off, minimizing energy consumption.

Can I use it on a smartphone that is not used as a mobile phone?

: available for use. It's also a good idea to use your old smartphone as a hearing aid only.

Where is the hearing test done?

: For hearing test, check the entire frequency band at the nearest otolaryngologist. Alternatively, you can use a hearing test application.

What should I do if the volume amplification is not sufficient on my smartphone?

: If your smartphone's microphone and speaker function is not good, it may not be suitable for use as a hearing aid. In this case, you can refund within 48 hours. A full refund is possible at any time within 48 hours, not afterwards.

Thank you.
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Price: Free
Version: 4.0
Size: 14M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: KimS Hearing Aid
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