AI Tales — Interactive Stories with Choices
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AI Tales — Interactive Stories with Choices
AI Tales — Interactive Stories with Choices

AI Tales — Interactive Stories with Choices

Cuentos interactivos con inteligencia artificial. Opciones de IA e historias de IA

Developer: Dmitrii Ishchenko
App Size: 37M
Release Date: 22 mar 2021
Price: Free
86 Ratings
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You are the protagonist of one of the many puzzle stories. Each has an initial setting, a brief description, and a global task. From there you have complete freedom of action. Rotate the story cube, direct it in an interesting path and immerse yourself in the created world. In open endless mode, make any decision you want and tell the story. The options for sequels are endless, all of which are unique and generated on the fly.

The game is created and controlled by a set of neural networks, which generate fascinating sequels to stories, combine texts with tens of thousands of paintings by famous artists and visualize them, immersing you in the mysterious world of art. They give you points and determine how close you are to the goal.

The number of options for the development of events - an infinite number. Full immersion in the world of books, pictures, sounds, fantastic and fairy tales.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.2.8
Size: 37M
Content Rating: Para mayores de 17 años
Developer: Dmitrii Ishchenko
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