Voice Calculator - Speak  Talk Calculator
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Voice Calculator - Speak Talk Calculator
Voice Calculator - Speak  Talk Calculator

Voice Calculator - Speak Talk Calculator

Best voice calculator for faster calculations.

Developer: Droid tech
App Size: 1.8M
Release Date: Jun 12, 2019
Price: Free
34 Ratings
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Calculators have become the basic need of life. It is used by people from all the spheres of life. It is a daily use tool for studying, doing businesses and working. This app is designed bearing in mind the very much need of carrying a calculator for fast calculations on a daily basis.

Voice Calculator - Speak & Talk Calculator is here for you to use to stop carrying calculators with you. It makes the calculations process even simpler and fun because it supports voice input. Just open the app and tell it to do a calculation for you. You can perform faster calculation then typing or pressing keys. This responsive app will listen and at the same time start doing the calculation on screen as you speak.

Voice Calculator is a simple yet useful Speak & Talk Calculator for mathematicians, teachers, students, shopkeepers, and traders. So it is also called school calculator, talking calculator, smart calculator, and financial calculator. From all the calculators you have used your whole life, this app Voice Calculator - Speak & Talk Calculator experience will prove to be the best and the simplest one.

You can perform all the simple as well as complicated calculations by just opening the app and speaking to it. You need to speak all the equation in one go and then edit it if needed by pressing keys on the screen. It is very easy to use and very quick to calculate any form of calculations.

Download this amazing app to do calculations when your hands are occupied, when multitasking. Calculate hotel bills, clerical work, GSTs, daily expenditure, and cross-check grocery bills. Use this app when you have to handle large calculations in an office, typing will tire you so use this app which makes the calculation by speaking to it.

All calculations supported by the app can be done by just using your voice. For example:
★ Speaking "one plus two" will result in "1+2=3"
★ Speaking "one plus open bracket three plus five close bracket" will result in "1+(3+5)=9"


★ Voice control calculator will automatically calculate what you say

★ You can perform simple as well as complicated calculation by just speaking

★ It uses speech recognition technology for faster calculations

★ Carry out basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions

★ Carry out power, factorial, square root, percentage and modulus calculations
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 1.8M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Droid tech
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