Learn React Native Development
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Learn React Native Development
Learn React Native Development

Learn React Native Development

The app consists of React Native Tutorials Official React Native Documentation

Developer: Coding Homies
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Release Date: Jan 22, 2020
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Coding Homies brings their first-ever free learning app “Learn React Native Development” - a free programming and app development tutorials app for its users. This app consists of "React Native Tutorials" and official "React Native Documentation". The cross-platform of react-native helps you to do android development and iOS development with the help of a single code written in react native. Now:

What is react native?
It is a cross-platform tool which allows a single codebase to be developed for multiple platforms or software environments such as android, iOS and Windows phone. Hence you can do android app development, iOS app development, and windows app development with the help of react-native cross-platform framework.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert in mobile application development this app will help you learn lots of new concepts of react native and it can also solve many issues you are facing in different implementations. And more importantly, you can use the official documentation as a reference right at your palm. “Learn React Native Development App” is really easy to understand and is truly a user-friendly tutorial app. You will know how easy it is to become a react native developer when you start using the “Learn React Native Tutorials” app.

About the App:
The main screen of the app consists of “React Tutorials”. Tutorials are further divided into 2 categories. They are:
Most Visited
This category is a collection of all the top app development tutorials which are sorted on the basis of the number of times they are viewed.
While the LATEST category consists of all the mobile applications development tutorials which are sorted according to the time they have been added.
Furthermore, you can save a tutorial and this saved tutorial can be viewed from (in not from) the SAVED section. The data uploaded in this react native app is real-time.
This app also consists of official React Native documentation. This section covers the following topics/concepts.
Topics Covered:
The topics which are being covered in this “React Documentation: Free App Development Tutorials” are:

1. Installation

Basic Components:
2. View
3. Text
4. Image
5. Text Input
6. Scroll View
7. Style Sheet

User Interface:
8. Button
9. Picker
10. Slider
11. Switch

List View:
12. Flat List
13. Section List

iOS Components and APIs
14. Action Sheet IOS
15. Alert IOS
16. Date Picker IOS
17. Image Picker IOS
18. Progress View IOS
19. Push Notification IOS
20. Segmented Control IOS

Android Components and APIs
21. Back Handler
22. Date Picker Android
23. Drawer Layout Android
24. Permission Android
25. Progress Bar Android
26. Time Picker Android
27. Toast Android
28. Toolbar Android
29. Viewpager Android

30. Activity Indicator
31. Alert
32. Animated
33. Clipboard
34. Dimensions
35. Keyboard Avoiding View
36. Linking
37. Modal
38. Pixel Ratio
39. Refresh Control
40. Status Bar

You need an internet connection to use "Learn React Native App Development".

You can be a professional app developer (google play app developer, AppStore app developer, and windows app developer) after studying and implementing all of these “React Native tutorials”. This free app provides the best react native documentation and react-native tutorials for beginners. After completing all these lessons of “React Native Tutorials” successfully, a person can be called an android developer and iOS developer as he/she will now be able to develop high-quality mobile applications with the code written in react native.

So, what are you waiting for? Download now this free mobile application development app “Learn React Native Development” so that you can be an android developer, iOS developer, and windows phone app developer because of the cross-platform of react-native.
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