Ruqyah for Jinn  Evil Eye
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Ruqyah for Jinn Evil Eye
Ruqyah for Jinn  Evil Eye

Ruqyah for Jinn Evil Eye

Ruqyah Shariah Full MP3 HQ for Nazar, Black Magic, Jinn Evil Eye

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Release Date: Jan 10, 2017
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High Quality Ayat Ruqyah Shariah Full MP3 by Sheikh Sudais for Sihr, Black Magic, Jinn & Evil Eye.

- Surah Al-Faatihah
- Surah AL-Baqarah ayat 1-5
- Surah Al-Baqarah ayah 102
- Surah Al- Baqarah ayah 137
- Surah Al-Baqarah ayah 255 (ayat-ul-Kursy)
- Surah Al-Baqarah ayah 284-286
- Surah AL-Imraan, ayaat 1-5
- Surah Al-Imran, ayah 85
- Surah Al-an’aam, ayah 17
- Surah Al-A’raaf, Ayaat 54-56
- Surah Al-A’raaf, ayaat 117-122
- Surah Yunus, ayaat 79-82
- Surah Al-Israa ayah 82
- Suarah Al-Kahf, ayah 39
- Surah At-Taha, ayaay 65-69
- Surah Al-Mu’minoon, ayaat 115 118
- Surah Yaaseen, ayaat 1-9
- Surah As-Saafaat, ayaat 1-10

Ruqyah is commonly translated in English as "incantation" which carries a negative meaning, since the word incantation is usually associated with magic, spells, and witchcraft. However, Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of Qur’an, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplications that are used as a means of treating sicknesses and other problems.)

Ruqyah are of two types:

Ruqyah Ash Shar’eeya
Ruqyah Ash Shirkiyah
Ar-Ruqyah Ash Shar’eeyah : mentioned above, it has three conditions. Ibn Hajar (rahimuhullah) said there is a consensus on the using of Ruqyah if three conditions are met:

It must be with the speech of Allah (Qur’aan) and his names and attributes.
It must be in the Arabic language, or what is known to be its meaning in other languages.
To believe that Ruqyah has no benefit by itself, but the benefits are from Allah.
This type of Ruqyah is permissible and is the main subject of this topic.

Ar Ruqyah Ash Shirkiyah: this contradicts the conditions of Ruqyah Ash Shar’eeyah and has in it Shirk, associating partners with Allah. It leads a person to his destruction in this life and the next and increases calamities and sicknesses. This type of Ruqyah is prohibited, from the statement of the Prophet (saws) This type includes: Magic (whether learning, practicing, or teaching it), Fortune telling, Horoscopes, superstitious belief, and at-Tameemah ( charms and amulets).

Conditions of a person who treats with Ruqyah:

He must have the right belief in Allah (Based on Qur’aan, Sunnah, and keep away form Shirk, etc)
He must have sincerity in worshipping Allah and have a good intention in treating people
He must be firm in his obedience to Allah, and keep away form all that is forbidden
He must keep far away from all unlawful places and situations that canlead to what is forbidden, for example isolating himself with a female, etc.
He must guard the affairs of his patients and protect their secrets.
he must propagate the religion of Allah. Give the Patient advice and admontitions on the rights of Allah with regards to His commandments and prohibitions.
He should have knowledge about the affairs of the patient and sicknesses
He should have knowledge about the reality of Jinns (so as not to have them harm or threaten him while curing the patient)
Ibn Teen (Rahimuhullah) said:

“Treating with Muawwizaat, (Surah An-Naas, Al-Falaq, etc) and other forms, such as the names of Allah are medicine for the soul. So if these forms of treatment are on the tongueof the righteous, cure will be achieved bythe will of Allah.”

Conditions for the person (patient) recieving Ruqyah:

He must have complete belief that harm and benefit are only from Allah.
He must be patient.
Conditions of Ruqyah Ash Shar’eeyah:

It must be with the speech of Allah, His names and attributes, or the speech of His Messenger (saws)
It must be in Arabic, or what is known to be its meaning in other languages.
To believe that verily Ruqyah has no benefit by itself, but the cure is from Allah.
Not to perform Ruqyah in a state of major impurity (junub) or in a place that is not permissible to perform ibadah i.e. graveyard, bathroom, etc.
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