Barbi Granny Princess  Horror House Survival
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Barbi Granny Princess Horror House Survival
Barbi Granny Princess  Horror House Survival

Barbi Granny Princess Horror House Survival

Help Barbi to quit this horror house , you have a limited time

Developer: ShirlyLinda
App Size: 61M
Release Date: Jan 10, 2021
Price: Free
12 Ratings
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In this game, you are trapped by the evil granny in her house and you have five days and five nights to escape from the dark mansion.
You will fin all around the house different items and weapons to help you put granny to sleep or just to open doors, shortcuts in order to win the game as fast as possible.

Be prepared, the game is really scary, granny will do anything to catch and hurt you and you should always be one step ahead in this wonderful and scary horror adventure of Barbi Granny Princess V2 : Horror House Survival.

Just like Barbi Granny Princess : Horror House Survival, we are preparing different mod for this game for now, such as zombie granny, neighbor granny or branny granny, or even elsa rich granny so that you will be able to test all these different mods and play your favourite game of granny

Welcome to Barbi Granny Princess : Horror House Survival and thank you for giving a chances, it's thanks to you that we are able to develop our abilities more more and provide with the best scary horror mod possible for games like granny.

You must find the escape route from the Princess Barbi Granny house, you will have to use all the tools that you have at your hand to complete the puzzle and unlock doors finding the key hidden somewhere in structure that will help you get out of here.

Be quiet and careful because the Barbie Granny hears everything. She set traps by herself for her unexpected guests. You have only 5 days to get out of her house.

Key Features in new version Barbi Granny Princess : Horror House Survival

- Fearful and tension atmosphere

- Smooth and easy controls

- Many new exciting features

- Horror sound

- 3D graphics

- The best horror game 2020

When you encounter Barbie Granny, fear will make you die, run fast to find a way to escape and get out of this horror house fast.
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More Information about: Barbi Granny Princess Horror House Survival
Price: Free
Version: 2
Size: 61M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: ShirlyLinda
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