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Vishnu Sahasranam
Vishnu Sahasranam

Vishnu Sahasranam

The Vishnu Sahasranam with text and audio

Developer: Ashok Bachu
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Release Date: Mar 5, 2017
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The Vishnu Sahasranam is found in the Mahabharatha. Literally translated this means

thousand names of Vishnu. This is found in the Anushasanika Parvam (chapter

relating to orders or rules to the kings) of Mahabharatha.

Bheeshma Pitamaha was defeated and grievously wounded by Arjuna. But since he could

choose the time of his death as per the boons received by him, he chose to die in

Uttarayana and was waiting for the auspicious time. Meanwhile the war was over

leading to death of all those male members in his family except the Pancha Pandavas

and the unborn child of Abhimanyu. Yudishtra the eldest of the Pandavas became the

King of Hasthinapura and whom else would he go for advise other than Bheeshma the

great. Anushasanika Parva is in the form of questions and answers between Yudishtra

and Bheeshma Pitamaha.To a question as to what is the best possible stotra,

Bheeshma answers that it is the Vishnu Sahasra Nama and teaches it to Yudishtra.

Though it describes one thousand aspects and praises of the lord, it is not simple

and easy to understand. Many great Acharyas lead by Sankara Bhagavat Pada, felt a

need to give its meaning in crystal clear terms so that the devotee can not only

sing but meditate on the aspect of the God he is praising. But this again was done

in Sanskrit. With the modern civilization several translations of this stotra is

available in English and in almost all major languages of India.

Though it is called Sahasra Nama in fact it contains only 901 distinct sounding

names. Eight hundred and fifteen names are repeated once, Seventy-five of these

names are repeated twice, nine of these names thrice and two of these names four

times. The acharyas have attempted to give different meanings to the same word in

different places successfully.

In the afterward to the stotra Goddess Parvathi asks Siva the cosmic god for an

easy way to sing this stotra for the learned. He replies that it is sufficient that

the learned one repeats the name of Rama and this is equivalent to his singing of

sahasranama. It is important to note that this is easy method is prescribed to the

very learned who do not have time to recite it daily and not for everybody
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