Truck simulator 3D truck offroad simulator
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Truck simulator 3D truck offroad simulator
Truck simulator 3D truck offroad simulator

Truck simulator 3D truck offroad simulator

Simulador de conductor de camión en 3D donde puedes controlar un camión de carga real fuera de la carretera

Developer: ARGO Studio
App Size: 88M
Release Date: 24 mar 2021
Price: Free
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What is the new 3D truck simulator? This is a new word in 3d truck games, where you have to deliver the cargo in one piece to its destination.

Truck driver game

This mobile game simulates driving a real cargo truck. The game has realistic controls - 3 different modes with pedals and a steering wheel. Also, gasoline is constantly running out and you need to cross checkpoints to refill it. As in other 3D truck games, you can earn money for driving along the route and delivering goods. But if your off-road truck rolls over, you will lose money.

Truck offroad simulator

In most sections of the track, the truck driver will have to drive it off-road. This is a real relief, snow-covered hills and depressions, small lakes. Just like in other offroad truck games, you can roll over and lose all cargo. Be careful, final points are awarded for how much cargo was delivered to the finish line.


The simulation takes place on a snow-covered track, in snow and rain conditions. You need to fight nature to deliver your truck simulator unharmed. The game can teach you responsibility and accurate driving. Otherwise, you just roll over. Use different controls to better overcome different obstacles. For example, driving a truck makes it easier to get around off-road terrain.

Also, the truck simulator allows you to change the camera view. You can look through the windshield, from a third person, above the body, or from the side. You can also honk other players.


For the money you earn, you can customize your truck or buy new truck models. They have different colors and body designs.

In custody:

- one of the most realistic truck simulator games
- 3 different control options for the truck driver
- cool truck offroad simulator map
- shop with many models
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 88M
Content Rating: Para todos
Developer: ARGO Studio
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