DX Buggle Driver for Ex-Aid
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DX Buggle Driver for Ex-Aid
DX Buggle Driver for Ex-Aid

DX Buggle Driver for Ex-Aid

DX Buggle Driver simulation for Ex-Aid Henshin, tokusatsu and cosplay needs

Developer: Samping Pasundan
App Size: 42M
Release Date: Jan 10, 2022
Price: Free
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This is A transform game of Ex-Aid henshin belt with complete features. Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for Ex-Aid Buggle Driver or Gashacon Bugvisor.
Lets play the Buggle Driver and transform every time. And share Ex-Aid henshin belt to other fellow henshin fans.

Features :
~ Buggle Driver
~ 64 Gashat
~ Gashacon Bugvisor with the Buckle Belt.

How to use :

Buggle Driver
1. Click icon bugvisor in gamer driver. The Waiting sound of Buggle driver will play.
2. Click the Gashat Icon and choose your favorite henshin form, or Bugster form.
3. Click the Henshin Button for Transforming become an Henshin.
4. Mechanical Simulation will begins with HD Henshin Bugster sound. And you will be Genocide !
5. Click A Button for Attack Critical End of the Bugster.
6. Click B Button for Attack Critical Death of the Bugster.
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More Information about: DX Buggle Driver for Ex-Aid
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Size: 42M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Samping Pasundan
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