Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle Miner Tap Simulator
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Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle Miner Tap Simulator
Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle Miner Tap Simulator

Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle Miner Tap Simulator

Mine as many resources as you can, enchant pickaxes and drills, build a farm

Developer: TOOLBEX
App Size: 21M
Release Date: Jul 13, 2016
Price: Free
260 Ratings
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Features of Clicker Mine Mania:
A large number of HD blocks.
Farm of animals and monsters.
Enchanting tools.
Make more profits with drills.
Large selection of pickaxes and drills of different materials.

How to play:
Click more on the block to break it! Become an the best miner in the goldmine and use idle farm way.
Click many times using a pickaxe or dig in one click at high speed in using idle drill.
Buy new pickaxes and drills for the mining of more valuable blocks.
Collect monsters in farm to make idle profits of resources and experience
You will find emeralds in the mine if you have a diamond pickaxe or better.
Make your tools more productive with enchanting and get more profits!
Enchants tools for the experience, it to improve their performance.
Caution! If your pickaxe will break then enchantment will be lost.
In the mine a large number of different blocks, break them all to collect resources!
There are many different animals and monsters in the farm! Use them for idle income.

Variations enchantments:

**Luck: Increases the chance multiplier blocks in mine.
**Multiplication factor: Responsible for the multiplier factor, ie when "x2" factor for the block at 2 resources you will get 4 resources also increasing and the experience of block.
Luck and a Multiplication factor should be enchanted at least once because they depend on each other.
**Efficiency: Allows you to quickly break blocks and get more profits.
**Durability: Reduces wear of the picks / drill (longer use).

Cost depends on level of enchantment, it is calculated 1 to 1.
The game is translated into 4 languages (English, Russian, Korean, German)
If you find a bug or want to improve the translation, please contact us.
Clicker Mine Mania - Nice Idle Miner Simulator team.

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Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 21M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: TOOLBEX
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