Home Food - Nearby Food For Takeaway and Delivery
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Home Food - Nearby Food For Takeaway and Delivery
Home Food - Nearby Food For Takeaway and Delivery

Home Food - Nearby Food For Takeaway and Delivery

Home Food meal choices are healthy and affordable

Developer: Foong Chak Ming
App Size: 37M
Release Date: Apr 7, 2020
Price: Free
15 Ratings
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Home Food has more than 2000 unique affordable food choices sorted according to distance.

We do not charge commission. Therefore more than 1000 food sellers have joined us nationwide within 3 weeks of launch!

Start ordering nearby affordable food by downloading the Home Food App now!

More saving when ordering via Home Food App.

HOME FOOD is a free online platform for meals and groceries purchasing. Food sellers only have to complete a simple registration process and are ready to post!

Food seekers can easily use phone GPS to search for nearby merchants and order directly.

Now, HOME FOOD has accumulated a good amount of food merchants on our platform. We have everything that you expect to look for!

You can sell your yummy food online if you know how to cook.

If you do not know how to cook, you can choose to be a food reseller where you can source food and sell to others by provide a buy and delivery service.

Reason buyers should use Home Food is because

- Eaters are now spoil with choices with restaurant and home cooked food 24 hours a day

- Eaters can buy unlimited choices of healthy uncooked prepared food ingredients for 1 person portion and cook for themselves when needed (store in refrigerator). In some cases, can be quicker than cooking an unhealthy instant noodle!

- Eaters can hire a nearby chef to cook at their desired destination.

- Eaters can find themed eating environment prepared by creative food supplier.

- Eaters can message to nearby delivery driver to purchase whatever food needed. For example, eater can remotely buy Mac Donald, KFC and a few roadside satay by direct communicating with the nearby delivery driver. The eater can negotiate delivery charges directly with the delivery driver for maximum flexibility not available in any existing delivery and food ordering system in Malaysia.

- Eaters can now order long distance food even when they are in remote town. Just contact the delivery driver nearby the desire food location and negotiate reasonable delivery charges.

If you are a Home Food Chef, you should offer the following food

You should offer popular Malaysian food like Mee Goreng, Maggi Goreng, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice / Nasi Ayam, Char Kway Teow, Chicken Curry, Jagung, Rendang, Udang, Soup, Bakuteh, Mee Hoon, Nasi Campur, Bubur, Fish head curry, Italian food, Penang laksa, Terung, Instant noodle, Nasi lemak, Bread, Satay, Pizza, Teh tarik, Petai, Musang King Durian, Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Keropok, Mentega, Brokoli, Kentang, Fried kuey teow, Ayam goreng, Otak otak, Pisang Goreng, Burger, Sushi, Dessert, Toast Bread, Soto ayam, Roti bakar, Popiah, Mee rebus, Nasi tomato, Nasi kandar, Nasi kerabu, Lontong, Nasi briyani, Ayam percik, Nasi padang, Chee cheong fun, Mee siam, Tom Yam, Kari ayam, Nasi kuning.

You can even become a Home Food Chef even you cannot cook.

- You can offer simple food like fruits (peeled / unpeeled / mixed), instant noodles (cooked / uncooked), biscuit, eggs, package drinks etc to immediate residential area. You can bring in creativity to your simple product.

- You can sell unprocessed itemized cooking ingredient like tomato, ginger, egg, salt. You may also sell healthy uncooked raw itemized food ingredient for 1 person portion

- You can also learn popular food recipe like Nasi Lemak, Ayam Goreng, Sushi, Goreng Pisang, Fried Mee Hoon, Fried Rice, etc from many sources online. Youtube is a good source to learn new recipe.

Providing the above highly demanded food with good photos will ensure greater chance of enquiries which can be converted to be your valued customer.
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Price: Free
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Size: 37M
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: Foong Chak Ming
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