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The new fast-paced battle royale that brings verticality to the next level.
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 Hello, contender. Welcome to the Hyper Scape, The new fast-paced battle royale that brings verticality to the next level. In the Hyper Scape, up to 100 players will compete in a variety of game modes. Squad and Solo Crown Rush are the main modes where battle royale champions are crowned.

Neo Arcadia:
Neo Arcadia is a virtual, shimmering city designed to encourage vertical mobility and fast-paced combat situations. From sky-high towers to deadly interiors, you will constantly need to adapt your fighting styles.

Once the battle begins, your personalized deployment pod is your transport to the battle. You will be able to drop in any part of the map. So pick your drop spot wisely. Hit the ground running because you'll start with only a melee weapon.
Hotly contested landmarks are known to contain abundant caches of gear. But high risk brings the chance of high reward.
Gear is found inside buildings, closed off by breakable barricades and inside supply crates located around the map.

As you traverse the city, looking for gear and enemies, you'll discover the different environments create diverse gameplay opportunities and challenges. Your competition may come from any angle.

Every battle in Hyper Scape is a fresh experience where you leverage the very arsenal you will find in Neo Arcadia. Your loadout is not determined by the character you choose but by the weapons and hacks you loot.
From full auto assault weapons to powerful energy blasters, there is a tool for any playstyle.

As you discover your footing in the Hyper Scape, your squad will be there to help you. Use the ping system to sync with your squad and warn them of potential threats or alert them to potential resources. If an enemy manages to take you out, the battle is not over. At zero health, you'll become an echo. And you can help your squad by scouting ahead. When enemies are eliminated, a restore point
appears in that spot. Find a restore point, and your squad mates can bring you back into the fight.

Battle events:
As your game master, one of my favorite tasks is to keep things lively by triggering battle events such as the infinite ammo event or the low gravity event.

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Hypere scap Pro Tips.
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