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Push Up Game - Press up  Challenge your friends

Push Up Game - Press up Challenge your friends


Push Up Game challenge your friends in a push up fight
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Push Up Game is a game that helps people to do exercises at home.

Not the usual fitness app that tries to make your muscles grow through boring and repetitive exercises.
Push Up Game is a game that allows you to challenge friends and do exercises at home or anywhere else.

Start your journey with the fitness plan, that will help you reach your final goals in a friendly and comfortable way.
It’s not a usual plan by the way! It’s much more fun!
You’ll have to fight against horrible monsters using push ups as bullets to complete each mission of your plan; at the end of the week, after 3 monsters beaten, you’ll face the Boss.
Ready for the final battle? ;)

Do you know Fitbit or Zwift?
Nice to have fun challenging others to run or cycling, huh?
With Fitbit you can challenge other people using wrist, while with Zwift you can challenge them using the digital-bike.
Social motivation is something that always gives us the charge. Now there is Push Up Game for your normal home workout.
We hope to be able to integrate the information with Strava or MyFitnessPal as soon as possible.

Grow your muscles in a fun way, support your friends, challenge your friends in a push-up competition.
Push up? Yeah, Push up, press up … there’s a tons of names, and a tons of versions, but it’s always one of the most challenging exercises ever.

Push Up Game is not just an app for men, we believe in fair fitness, women's fitness and men's fitness in the same place. No matter how strong you are, how many push ups you can do, no matter your gender or your level of training.
If you become a member of the Push Up Game family, you will become one of us and our app will always make you challenge people with a level of strength similar to yours. Each match will be on equal terms and whoever wins will depend only on his or her determination.

With Push Up Game, as well as doing the exercises at home, you can support your friends, you can help them during the challenges, giving them precious seconds, you can win together with your friends by betting on the challenges they come from and you can console them after those in which you are both defeated.

Fitness Gamification in our opinion does not mean just having fun, but also personalizing.
Buy spectacular avatars by winning challenges and bets, customize them, buy gadgets, let yourself be recognized by the Push Up Game community.

There are no limits, neither space nor time. At any time, anywhere in the world you can find a challenger. You can start a challenge, a bet, a training session.

Push Up Game is fitness gamification, you are the one chasing the best version of yourself, having fun!

In summary: much, much more than the usual push up counter!
Who will do more push ups? challenge your friends!

Doing fitness and keeping fit while playing: Push Up Game is a fun game that will never make you stand back in training!

Incoming mode of push up challenge:
50 push up challenge
200 push up challenge

When you have to do exercises at home and don't know who to train with, Push Up Game allows you to always have a training partner.
Doing exercises at home with the "challenge friends" modality is simple and fun.
Challenge friends with an app to a fitness competition: an absolute novelty!
The challenge with friends is the ideal opportunity to give the best of yourself!

Push Up Game: the app that makes fitness a fun game.
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Push Up Game - Press up Challenge your friends
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