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Hangover Cure – What are Some Easy Ways to Beat the Problem?

So you have woken up with a bloated stomach and a bad headache after a night of partying hard. Like your friends who have drunk till they nearly dropped, you too are suffering from a case of a bad hangover – or the after-effects of the use of alcohol – or of drugs in some cases. Young or old, anyone can suffer from this problem. If you are in search of a quick hangover cure, here are some easy ways for you to beat the problem.

Drink lots of water

This is one of the first and easiest ways to beat a hangover. The more you drink alcohol, the more it dehydrates you. Thus, you can reverse the ill-effects of alcohol by having plenty of water. Drink enough water before going to sleep and again start with aplenty on waking up the following morning.

Have fruit juice

Drinking a lot of fruit juice also works, as it hydrates the body – similar to water. You can restore some of the fluids that you have lost during the hangover. The vitamins in the juice will also benefit you. If possible, try to have pink grapefruit juice – given that it can benefit your body in many other ways also. You can try having some tomato juice along with celery. Packed with vitamins, tomato juice can quickly rejuvenate you from a bad case of a hangover.

Have hot tea with honey

Add some honey to hot tea and drink it down along with a dry toast or some crackers. You can also try having 2tsp honey after every 30 minutes until you experience some relief. This is a popular hangover cure that, again, works by rehydrating your body.

Have Vitamin B complex

You can also directly have a Becosule or Vitamin B capsule or tablet on waking up. Keep it handy if you are planning a drinking party the next time. You can have a tablet before you go out to the party and also have one after waking up the next morning.

Get some fresh air

Go out and take a walk in the park nearby. The fresh air will help your lungs to get pure oxygen, and start detoxifying your body. It can assist you in getting sober. You can feel fresher in a few minutes, and since a headache and other sensations starting to lessen as you take a walk. If you feel dizzy, stop walking and sit down on a bench in the park. It is recommended that you do not walk too far from home.

Listen to a hypnosis session audio

Many people have also reported of relief from hangovers by listening to pre-recorded hypnosis sessions. These are available for free on the internet, on websites such as YouTube, and you can easily stream or download these. Listen to the full audio file, and it will relax your body. It can help you recover from the excesses of the previous night. It is a powerful hangover cure method that works for many people.

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