AI Trivia Helper HQ and more
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AI Trivia Helper HQ and more
AI Trivia Helper HQ and more

AI Trivia Helper HQ and more

This Helper uses newest AI Technoolgy to detect and solve any Quiz on Screen

Developer: Lion Zöchling
App Size: 9.9M
Release Date: Nov 29, 2019
Price: Free
390 Ratings
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You need some Help answering Trivia Questions and finding the correct Solutions?
Then this App might be exactly what you need!

During any Live Quiz you simply need to press the Helper Button. Using Artificial Intelligence, your smartphone screen will be scanned for Trivia Questions and if it finds one, there will be probabilities appearing next to each answer option within seconds!
These Probabilities where calculated by a clever algorithm, which is based on the results of search engine queries and is still beeing developed.

This means, that App won't give you the correct solution for every question. Yet it will definitely be a big help for the ones you can't solve by yourself.

Please note that you are using this App at your own risk.
Make sure to only use this App for Quizzes, that don't forbid this in their Terms and Conditions.

*The Apps named are random Examples. It doesn't mean that they allow using an app like this.
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Price: Free
Version: 3.20
Size: 9.9M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Lion Zöchling
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