Значение Имени
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Значение Имени
Значение Имени

Значение Имени

Name Value - Human Character

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Using the application value of the name you can find out the character of a person.
Each of us has several syllables, which from an early age he has inseparably associated with his I - this is the name given at birth. So familiar, lived-in syllables. We do not even always know what this word means, but we are secretly proud, knowing that such a name was carried by some significant character in human history.
Do you know by what signs you were given exactly this name? Ask those who are concerned about this and be prepared for the fact that the answer may be the most unexpected of all that you imagined.
Is it important for a person to know the meaning of a name?

The relationship of a man with his name since ancient times wore a mystical, sacral character. The name was carefully protected from strangers (knowing the true name, you will gain power over the carrier thereof). It often happened that people had all their lives “nicknames” that everyone was allowed to use who wanted to turn to you.
Know the value of the name, it is useful to any person.

In the application, the value of the name is implemented a convenient search with which you can quickly find any name and know the character of a person.

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Tamaño: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: May 5, 2017
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