cat fake video call  video call cat prank
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cat fake video call video call cat prank
cat fake video call  video call cat prank

cat fake video call video call cat prank

Play with your cat with random video calls prank and enjoy cat calls

Desarrollador: philipi studio
Tamaño de la App: 8.4M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Oct 2, 2021
Precio: Free
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Our Cat Video Calling apps allow you to prank or impress your friends using fake cat video calls. All you have to do is set the time you want and determine whether or not you would like a vibration. It's easy to play and you don't have to master any skills. With this prank, you can simulate fake video calls from random naughty cats.

Faux video call from cat prank: cat prank is not real, it is just for fun. simulate fake incoming call from cat. naughty cats calling prank, with this prank you can simulate fake video calls from random cats.

With fake cat calling, you can impress your friends by appearing to be friends with the cat. The cat can call you, making your friends jealous! it's the best way to fool friends or just stop unwanted meeting.
With the cat video call apps, you can prank or impress your friends with cat videos. It works like an alarm clock, you set the time, choose a name, and choose whether to have the vibrator on or not..
If the kitten had big, bright eyes and claws, and a desire for playful adventure, then life would be sweeter..
This prank simulates a fake video call from a naughty cat.
A personalized video from the real video call is included with the prank.
The app is for entertainment only,

cat call you is a great application for those who love cats. we made this application for people who are big fan of cats and love them.
It's so much fun to have a cat call you. You can play with your cat fake call game and schedule random video calls from cats. Cat calling allows you to schedule video calls from cats and schedule call timing.

? Enjoy free fake call cat game kittens playing with balls and other funny kitty video calls. Browse new cat babies kitten wallpapers and enjoy new cat babies kitten video calls.

? When you set the time of your call, cat call you will play like an alarm clock. There are so many cool cat ringtones that will attract your cat.
? You can set fake videos of cats in video calls and add new calls by clicking on the paw icon ( ).

? With the cat video call, users can play cat games, download cat wallpapers and video call cats.

? Play free cat matching icons game with your friends and family and play cat video call prank.

? Enjoy a video of a nonstop talking cat with a ringtone of meow meow and have some fun chatting with your cat.

? There is a cat matching game in the video call that you can play all the time with amazing sounds.

? There are numerous cat backgrounds and cute customized cats available with our cute cat lock screen. This is the best way to name your cat tom and have fun with cats if you like naming cats.
fake phone call with ringtone.
? Besides the video call function, cat wallpapers can also be set on the device screen to enhance your screen experience, making it more attractive and cute.
fake video call with cat talking.
? If you have cat calling you can also enable cat screen lock and then set your favorite lock background. You can also change the background from the gallery.

Download this app to enjoy video chatting with your kids and friends.
simulate fake incoming call from cat.
You can use the video call app to set a timer.
As an alarm, I set a timer in a fake video call app with girls.
You can use this application to set your office break time.

cat picture and funny talking sound.

? enjoy cat calls!! and give amazing reviews and ratings!!! ?
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Precio: Free
Versión: 0.0.3
Tamaño: 8.4M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Oct 2, 2021
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Desarrollador: philipi studio
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