MD307 Digital watch face Pro
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MD307 Digital watch face Pro
MD307 Digital watch face Pro

MD307 Digital watch face Pro

Digital watch face

Desarrollador: Velocidady
Tamaño de la App: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Dec 16, 2022
Precio: $0.99
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Varía con el dispositivo
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The MD307 is a modern digital watch face for Wear OS.

It contains 3 predefined application shortcuts, 1 customizable shortcut, moon phase, steps, daily goals, heart rate + intervals*, 3 customizable complications where you can have the data you prefer such as weather (etc), colors changing and more.


1 - Make sure the watch is properly connected to the phone, open the Companion app on the phone and tap "INSTALL APP ON WEAR DEVICE" and follow the instructions on the watch.

After a few minutes, the watch face will be transferred to the watch: check the faces installed by the Wearable application on the phone or directly on the watch.

Note: If you get stuck in the payment loop, DON'T WORRY, only one charge will be made even if you are asked to pay a second time. Wait 5 minutes or restart your watch and try again.

It may be a synchronization issue between your device and Google servers.

2 - If you are having trouble syncing between your phone and Play Store, use the drop-down menu and select the target device on the Play Store app.

3 - If not, try installing the watch face from the web browser on your PC.

Please all the issues on this side are NOT caused by the developer/watch face.

This watch face supports all Wear OS devices with API level 28+ included Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5 etc.

Email [email protected] for assistance.

Watch Face Features:

- 12/24 hour digital time
- Date
- Moon phase
- Battery
- Heart rate + Intervals*
- Not
- Daily step target set at 8500 st/day
- 3 predefined application shortcuts
- 1 customizable shortcut
- 3 customizable complications
- Always-on display supported with changeable colors
- Changeable colors of time, date, seconds, foreground, bars and general colors


1 - Touch and hold the screen
2 - Tap the customize option

Predefined application shortcuts:

- Calendar
- Battery
- Measure HR


you can customize with the data you want.
For example, you can select weather, time zone, sunset/sunrise, barometer, etc.

*Notes on heart rate:

The watch face does not automatically measure and automatically display HR result when installed.

To view your current heart rate data, you will need to perform a manual measurement. To do this, tap on the heart rate display area. Wait a few seconds. The watch face will take a measurement and display the current result.

After the first manual measurement, the watch face can automatically measure your heart rate every 10 minutes. Manual measurement will also be possible.

** Some features may not be available on some watches.
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Precio: $0.99
Versión: 1.0
Tamaño: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Dec 16, 2022
Clasificación de Contenido: Everyone
Desarrollador: Velocidady
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