3D Maze Run Christmas Special
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3D Maze Run Christmas Special
3D Maze Run Christmas Special

3D Maze Run Christmas Special

Epic Escape Maze Runner avoid zombies collect rewards reach your destination.

Desarrollador: SuperX Studios
Tamaño de la App: 58M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Dec 6, 2021
Precio: Free
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3D Maze Speed Run – Epic Speed Runner Is a new Type of free 3D Runner Family Speed Run game for family kids and all type of game lovers. You can choose from two different character in this scary maze type adventure runner game. There will be zombies waiting to catch you so make run but with fun.
Maze Running game is a unique blend of Classic and modern style speed run blend with mutant zombies genre to give best experience.

Use Brain IQ and strategy to solve difficult maze paths

In 3D maze speed run you enjoy entertaining music tracks. For best experience use headphones.
Free Maze Speed Runner is also Family friendly game meaning person from any age person can play this game
Consists of Two characters to choose.
Offer’s multiple puzzle solving maze level’s.
Cool and Ear soothing Hip-hop style instrumental music tracks will not let you get bored solving mystery maze to reach next levels. The Music tracks will let you increase your adrenaline Levels. Use Headphones for better experience.
Each level consists of Mystery boxes with rewards.

Three Kickstarter assisting features Hawk eye, Bird guide and candy stick will Help you guide all the way to the end goal.
The limited time to reach destination will challenge your logical thinking which will create endless possibilities in your mind.
Enjoy your game with unlimited and randomly 3D maze puzzles. Enjoy new challenge in each level.

Didn’t Liked the game!!!! Don’t worry leave a suggestion it will be our greatest motivation to provide the best of our capabilities with the best to our user’s
Don’t Hesitate to provide suggestions for 3d, Puzzle solving, Adventure running, Mystery box Rewards, Labyrinth Classic and speed runs
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Precio: Free
Versión: 1.5
Tamaño: 58M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Dec 6, 2021
Clasificación de Contenido: Everyone
Desarrollador: SuperX Studios
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