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MrGenies is a One stop solution for all your home requirements including Fruits

Desarrollador: Webkul
Tamaño de la App: 15M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Dec 24, 2019
Precio: Free
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One Stop Solution is an aggregator helping household in saving time & Money by creating a platform to assist with all daily needs.

The Concept

The thought of MrGenies is evolved around an idea of moving as a group.The evolution of society culture is a beautiful example of sharing common facilities with nominal monthly maintenance charges whereby the need (such as swimming pool, Gym, Club house etc.) of individuals is grouped as a single need and bargained with the vedors as a society instead of as an individual to gain better prices & quality of work. Neverthless to say, that every coin has two faces and the society concept has also some areas requiring attention which we thought can be solved with our efforts:

1) Even though we are moving as a group for common facilities knowing the benefits attached, we are still managing our daily needs (such as fruits, vegetables, Grocery, vendor management, servant etc.) on our own as individual resulting in higher prices and hassle of dealing with multiple people.

2) Most of us have come to reside in a society from different places because of a better investment opportunities, Job/business requirements or looking for a peaceful place and face difficulties in knowing local surroundings which, without doubt, is a known area for localites.

3) Most of us are busy with our daily job/business schedule and don't have time for many routine tasks. Simultenously, we are also not in a position to higher someone (like Ramu Kaka - YesBoss) full time to assist us with these tasks.

4) There are some other challenges as well like finding trustworthy vendors, need of one stop solution for all these requirements, need of hiring an assistant on task basis etc. which helped us thinking about Mr. Genie as he always says "Your Wish is Our Command"

What We do

We are working on your behalf to resolve the above issues. We are aggregating your daily needs and moving as a group to various vendors in order to leverage prices and quality. The benefit of this is given back to individual residents by offering lower prices and hasslefree services. In short, "We don't sell, we buy on your behalf"
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Precio: Free
Versión: 1.0.3
Tamaño: 15M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Dec 24, 2019
Clasificación de Contenido: Everyone
Desarrollador: Webkul
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