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Indian Premier League Win And Score Predictor

Desarrollador: Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee
Tamaño de la App: 4.5M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Aug 17, 2020
Precio: Free
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The App (Indian Premier League Win And Score Predictor: IPL WASP) can predict the final score of the first innings of an IPL match when the match is in progress and can predict the chance of victory of the team batting second when the second innings is ongoing of any IPL match. As input, it takes the current score of the match at that instant.

The App is developed based on some very basic statistical tools. For Score prediction, it applies multiple regression with the final score of the first innings of the match as the dependent variable and overs completed runs scored and wickets lost as independent variables. Appropriate formula for obtaining interval estimates of the total score of the first innings are applied.

For winner prediction in the second innings, logistic regression is used. Here, the chance of the victory of the team batting second in the match is the outcome variable and target for victory, overs completed, runs scored and wickets lost at a particular instant of the match are the independent variables.
The data used to fit these equations are taken from The calculations are based on the Indian Premier League seasons from 2016 to 2019 that are collected from the above-mentioned website. It can be applied for the prediction of IPL matches and may not be appropriate for International T20 matches.

We have not specified the equations differently for the different teams participating in the IPL. But equations are derived at the end of each over. So, we got 19 x 2 = 38 equations to reach the solution. 

The accuracy of the results is less than 50 percent during the initial overs but increases with an increase in the number of overs bowled and reaches as close to 93 percent from the 17th over onwards.

Anyone interested in the App may download this App and use it to get the predicted score or winner of a cricket match. There are no login credentials required to download or run the App. The user needs to provide only match information as inputs and get the desired output. We do not collect any personal information from the user like name, email id, phone number, bank account details, nationality, website address, etc. Neither shall we conduct any survey on the user about their experience of using our App. Also, we shall not entrust any third party to collect any personal information on our behalf from the user.

As no personal information of the user shall ever be collected by the App so there is no question of sharing the information of the users with any other party, we shall not be in a position to know who is using our App.

The App does not use any cookie to collect any personalized information from the user or do not perform any promotional survey with the help of cookies from the user. The App does not store data of a given session by a user to be used in the next session. Every time the user opens the App the inputs are refreshed and do not contain any information from the previous session.

The developers of the App are related to academics and are working in universities. We have no intension of earning profit in any form from the App. The App is developed out of love for cricket and our academic interest. It is meant to be used by cricket fans around the world and that shall make the game more interesting. It has nothing to do with gambling. The developers of the App hold a strong reservation against the use of Gambling in Sports and do not support Gambling in any form.
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Precio: Free
Versión: 1.1
Tamaño: 4.5M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Aug 17, 2020
Clasificación de Contenido: Everyone
Desarrollador: Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee
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