Crowd Race - Run City
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Crowd Race - Run City
Crowd Race - Run City

Crowd Race - Run City

Run and run never stop running

Desarrollador: FrenchFries.Inc
Tamaño de la App: 37M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Nov 27, 2020
Precio: Free
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Gather your group, become a leader, take a lead from other leaders, you must make all persons in the street follow you by run close to them and their color will change to become like your color.

Crowd Race -Run City is a new, fun game. The aim of the game is to reduce the number of crowds that keep coming into the city.

keep attention to other groups leader to not be close to your group or you will lose your followers. and keep trying to make other persons in another group follow you but be careful to not lose yours

Crowd Race - Run City lets you hunt down people that keep coming close to you. This city is popular but the crowd does not know that you are at war with them protecting the city.

This game will definitely bring in more crowd into the city from time to time but remember to not kill pets. But the only way to be popular is to keep reducing the crowd population as if in the wars but protect the pets.

Crowd Race - Run City is addictive and irresistible. The crowd will make you feel irritated but you must remember that mission is to protect the city from overpopulation.

Play Crowd Race - Run City today and let the fun of crowd reducing begin. Invite your friends today to play Crowd Race - Run City with you.

The more people you run into, the bigger your crowd becomes, but you should always be aware of other players: if their group has more members, yours will be consumed completely and you will have to start from scratch. The good news is, you can do the same as long as you outnumber the opponent.

How to be popular in a Popular crowd race - run City :

* Collect followers from anywhere on the map!
* Grab other players' followers to eliminate them!
* Lead hundreds of people and show them who's the boss!

Play Crowd Race - Run City become the leader the people are looking for and create the biggest following on the map. Prove that your crowd is the strongest in the city!

Crowd race - run city is all about bringing people together. To assimilate a new member into your little army all you need to do is approach a random pedestrian of a neutral color. They will automatically join you becoming the same color as you.

Start running alone and gather people on your way to collect a massive crowd. Lead your team through all sorts of moving, rotating, and expanding obstacles. Calculate your moves on the run and save as many members of the crowd as possible.

Features of Crowd Race - Run City
- Attractive graphics and appealing design elements
- 3D view of the game zone for a boosted thrill
- Adventurous fun racer game
- New challenges at every step of the way
- Filled with tough levels and stampedes
- Exciting new game characters to choose from the store.
- Increase your score and set a new record
- Customize your character; Skin, Clothing, Dance, and many more!

Let’s see how far you can get in this crazy survival race! Avoid the monstrous circular crowd.

Set on a fun-filled run racing adventure to challenge your survival reflexes with this exciting game. Filled with lots of exciting gameplay elements, this game is designed to get the adrenaline pumping through your bloodstream.
Every level has a new unique experience.
Run and run never stop running!
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Precio: Free
Versión: 0.3
Tamaño: 37M
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Nov 27, 2020
Clasificación de Contenido: Everyone
Desarrollador: FrenchFries.Inc
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