St.Thomas Aquinas A Students Prayer
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St.Thomas Aquinas A Students Prayer
St.Thomas Aquinas A Students Prayer

St.Thomas Aquinas A Students Prayer

St. Thomas Aquinas Prayers

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A saint is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness, likeness or closeness to God.

We should know more about our saints. To know more about their life devotions and see how deep their faith is in Christ.

Our app is a humble attempt to assist those to further know our saint, specifically St. Thomas Aquinas.

Saint Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican friar, Catholic priest, and Doctor of the Church. He was an immensely influential philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the tradition of scholasticism.

The Catholic Church honors Thomas Aquinas as a saint and regards him as the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood, and indeed the highest expression of both natural reason and speculative theology.

Thomas Aquinas is considered one of the Catholic Church's greatest theologians and philosophers. The importance of this Saint is connected to his role in what concerns education.

He founded a free school for deprived children and was an educator ofthe sons of the poor. Today, Saint Thomas Aquinas is often considered the patron saint for students.

In our humble app, you will find information on St. Thomas Aquinas, including a short life biography, St. Thomas Aquinas novena prayers and St Thomas powerful Catholic prayers for students.

All in the hopes to further aid all Christians to know more about our dearest saints.

We sincerely hope that you as the user, are happy with our humble app and our users can make use of the best daily prayers available.

If you find our app useful and informative, please rate it 5 stars and leave an honest review as this will help us in improving our future apps.

Thank you and God Bless!
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