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Run And Shoot For Your Life

Desarrollador: MeliBar
Tamaño de la App: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Jun 10, 2021
Precio: Free
6 Calificaciones
Varía con el dispositivo
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Welcome to the world of GunRun. Are you ready to survive by fighting in this world?

If your answer is yes, download GunRun now and join the adventure.

GunRun is a shooting game that offers fast and simple one-finger controls. All you have to do in this game is to shoot the enemies and pass the levels by swiping your finger right and left. Each level means a different excitement for you.

How to play ? :

Tap and start the game by clicking the start button. Shoot the enemies in front of you and progress by collecting bonuses, of course, don't forget to collect gold. The game will get a little harder with each level, but don't let that make you give up. Go ahead in the game, buy new weapons and be successful in this relentless struggle. The game has a fast and flawless look with very simple gameplay.

Game Features:
- 10 Amazing Weapons
- Multiple Types of Enemies
- Fast And Fluent Gaming Experience
- Smooth Gameplay and Power Points with Bonuses
- Each Level A Different Difficulty
- Infinite Number of Levels
- Gorgeous Graphics

If you are looking for a simple and easy to play game, this game is for you. You will never get tired while playing the game. This game will completely destroy your stress and relax you. If you want to pass the time easily, this game is for you.

If you like shooting games, you will love this game too. This game, suitable for Hyper-Casual genre, will take you to a different world and entertain you.

Have fun playing the game and if you have any questions or suggestions, reach us at [email protected].

Have fun.
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GunRun 0.1 2021-06-10
Run And Shoot !

Más información sobre: GunRun
Precio: Free
Versión: 0.1
Tamaño: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Jun 10, 2021
Clasificación de Contenido: Everyone
Desarrollador: MeliBar
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