بن طاهر للصرافة والتحويلات
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بن طاهر للصرافة والتحويلات
بن طاهر للصرافة والتحويلات

بن طاهر للصرافة والتحويلات

Bin Taher for Exchange Transfer and Electronic Services

Desarrollador: Yemen Robot
Tamaño de la App: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Oct 13, 2019
Precio: Free
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We offer you the application of "Bin Taher Exchange and remittances" the most distinctive and diverse in the provision of services and ease of use, the application designed specifically with the latest software technology for Android devices, supported by the dynamic display feature, and the provision of endless diverse electronic services, exclusive and unique innovative by the experts of the application "Bin Taher Exchange “Pioneers in smart applications. With the application "Bin Taher Exchange and transfers" will give you full control, to manage your balance and portfolio, and electronic transactions of payments, bonds and reports. Bin Taher Exchange & Remittance application is easy to use and fast to implement. It is also supported by a single window booth for all networks, easier and faster.
The most important services provided by the application:
- Payment of the balance and packages of all right telecommunications networks.
- Fixed telephone and landline payments.
- Immediate wholesale shipment to all Yemeni telecommunications networks.
- SIM services (new and lost) for all Yemeni telecommunication networks.
- Ticketing services, land transport and aviation, booking tickets across all land and air transport companies.
- Wi-Fi services, buy and sell Wi-Fi cards for all Wi-Fi networks in Yemen.
- Sending and receiving remittances through all local and international remittance companies.
- MobileMap Find your nearest agent for deposit, withdrawal or bill payment.
- Discounts and offers to pay bills.
In addition to this, the application "Bin Taher Exchange and transfers" offers many other diverse services, download the application and discover it yourself.
We at Bin Taher Exchange & Remittances are constantly striving to innovate and create new, unique and exclusive ideas to expand the delivery of diverse e-services to all market requirements.
We at Bin Taher Exchange & Remittance apply a professional and technical staff with deep and profound experience in the labor market and entrepreneurship.
Be always waiting for our new, because serving you and facilitating your transactions is our goal!

Designed and Developed by Yemen Robot (Managed by: Dr. Adam Al-Hashidi). Telephone: + 967774541452 all rights are save@
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بن طاهر للصرافة والتحويلات 26 2021-09-25
بن طاهر للصرافة والتحويلات تحديثات جديده وتحسينات في التسديد بالرسائل

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Precio: Free
Versión: 26
Tamaño: Varía con el dispositivo
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Oct 13, 2019
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Desarrollador: Yemen Robot
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