حلية الأولياء وطبقات الأصفياء
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حلية الأولياء وطبقات الأصفياء
حلية الأولياء وطبقات الأصفياء

حلية الأولياء وطبقات الأصفياء

The Ornament of the Awliya and the Pure Classes is one of the best books on the functioning of the Companions and the followers may God have mercy on them

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Release Date: May 17, 2020
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Author: Abu Naeem Al-Asbhani
Book source: Al-Warraq website

◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉ ◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉

The most important features of the program:

search :
◉ Comprehensive research in the book.
◉ Searchable section within each subsection separately.
◉ A section to search within a specified number of sections according to what the user wants.
◉ A section for internal search for the chapters of each book.
◉ Section to search within each section independently.

lines :
◉ The ability to change the font size.
◉ The ability to change the font color.
◉ The ability to change the font shape within 8 Arabic fonts.

Colors and backgrounds:
◉ The possibility of changing the background color of reading the page to hundreds of colors.
◉ The ability to set photo backgrounds as a background for comfortable reading.
◉ The ability to change the color of the theme in hundreds of colors.

◉ A list of the names of the main sections of the book.
◉ A list of the chapters of each book separately.
◉ A side menu containing all the chapters of the book for quick display and transition between them.
◉ A list of favorites that includes saved books and another for saved doors.
◉ A list of your notes and thoughts about each section independently.

reading :
◉ The ability to continue reading at the last line reached in the reading automatically.
◉ The ability to display the screen completely or normally.
◉ The possibility of displaying the doors with a comfortable night reading system.
◉ Move between the next and previous chapters from the same reading page.

Settings :
◉ The ability to change the language of the application to ten different languages.
◉ The ability to download lines automatically without touching the screen.
◉ There is a timer to set the time period for automatic reading and exit.
◉ Determine the distance between the lines for a clearer and larger view as needed.
◉ Go directly to the beginning and end of the page.
◉ The ability to write down, modify and delete your notes and thoughts.
◉ The possibility of resetting the program settings and returning it to the default.

Copying and sharing:
◉ The ability to fully copy and share any section.
◉ The possibility of copying and sharing any specific part of the section through prolonged pressure.
◉ The ability to share and evaluate the application.
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