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FLEETGUIDE is an app that allows you to register for due dates roll calls and create daily reports all at once.

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FLEETGUIDE (Fleet Guide) allows you to register all the due dates, roll calls, and daily report creation that must be managed when using a vehicle for work in an app.
A cloud-based company car management system.
In compliance with the revised Road Traffic Law Enforcement Regulations (enforced sequentially from April 2020), we not only perform roll calls before and after the start of work, but also solve the concerns of safe driving managers.
*This service requires a service contract for [daily report creation (company vehicle management)] and [ALC cloud (alcohol check)].
*ALC Cloud requires a dedicated alcohol checker.

Easy input/application from your smartphone:
- Drivers follow the smartphone app to select a vehicle, inspect the vehicle, enter other necessary information such as distance, and measure the distance using an alcohol detector.
You can register and report information such as roll call, daily reports, and due dates.

Preventing fraud:
- Automatically obtain location information and take a photo of your face during measurement.
- We will use your smartphone's NFC function to confirm possession and expiration date of your driver's license.

Confirm roll call using management function (computer, etc. browser):
- The operation manager uses the management function to check and correct the data sent to the cloud through roll calls with drivers and driving records.

Your data is securely managed in the cloud:
- Various data are sent to the cloud. Some data can also be output as CSV.

Prevent omissions with alerts and other notification functions:
- Items with deadlines set in advance are automatically received by email, so reminders can be done automatically, greatly reducing the administrator's effort.
The system supports compliance compliance, which is especially important, such as "vehicle inspection expired" and "driver's license expiration date."

minimal operating costs
- Automatic notification of drunk drivers, vehicle inspection and license expiration alerts, etc. can be operated with a minimum of man-hours.
(*A separate [ALC Cloud (Alcohol Check)] contract is required for full legal compliance.)
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Price: Free
Version: 4.4.1
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