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Minimal Bubble Watchface Pack7
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Minimal Bubble Watchface Pack7
Minimal Bubble Watchface Pack7

Minimal Bubble Watchface Pack7

Theme Pack 7 for Bubble Cloud Watch Face Launcher 9 minimalist 1-click styles

Developer: DYNA Logix
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Mar 16, 2017
Price: $1.59
11 Ratings
Varies With Device
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This theme pack works with Bubble Cloud Launcher for Wear OS (version 9.54 or higher). Please update main app to most recent version:
Themes work with the free version of the launcher, you don't need Premium upgrade for the Themes to work.
BIG UPDATE: full character set fonts, gauge complications!
Wear OS / Wear OS 4.0 ready (standalone version available)
► 5 fonts (Masiode, First Shine, Enfatica, ComfortAA, Ultima Campagnoli)
► 5 analog clock bubble designs (Clippy, RedBlue, Dots, Stic, Boxic)
► 18 matching background textures (9 favorites, 9 archive)
► 9 matching themed bubbles for creating consistent looking watch faces
► all 5 analog clock designs now include beautifully styled seconds hands
► 6 themes offer user customizable background color
► Both for round and square watch shapes
► No Android phone necessary, also works with Bubble Clouds Wear OS 4.0 Standalone version!
► NEW: 7 of the themes updated to include full character set fonts to be used for text-clock (with Plugin/Pack #12) and in peek card titles
► NEW: All 5 analog themes include special unique gauge designs to show range-type watch face complications (these can be used with other watch face themes too)
Please refer to the screenshots.
1-click apply any of the 9 quick styles, or mix-and-match components for unlimited variations.
Before purchasing this Theme pack:
1. Install Bubble Cloud Launcher on your Wear OS watch
2. Confirm that it works correctly.
3. Please watch the product video on how to apply the themes in Bubble Cloud Launcher
► Compatible with all Wear OS watches

► NOT compatible with other smartwatches, which are not specifically running "Wear OS"
► NOT compatible with "Android" watches (only "Wear OS")
► NOT compatible with Samsung watches (except the "Galaxy 4" and newer)
► NOT compatible with Samsung "Android" watches
► NOT compatible with Sony SmartWatch 2 (only "SW3")

Wear OS WATCHES: (these are tested compatible)
► Pixel Watch
► Moto 360 (Gen 1 + 2 + Sport)
► TicWatch
► Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and newer (e.g. 5, 6)
► Sony SmartWatch 3
► Fossil
► Casio Smart Outdoor
► TAG Heuer Connected
► or newer watches (NOT Samsung Tizen/Gear!)
Wear OS is not Android. There are watches which run the Android operating system, but they don't run Wear OS.

Please see this page for more info about Wear OS:

Please look at this list of apps in the Play Store:
They were all made for "Wear OS" and not for "Android". None of these will work on your "Android" watch. My app is such an app.
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Minimal Bubble Watchface Pack7 4.05 2023-08-26
2023-08-26 Version History
Keep both theme pack and Bubble Cloud Watch Face up to datev4.05► required version bumpv2.54► 5 gauge designs► text-clock ready fonts2.18 improved Comfortaa multi-line time layout2.06 improved ambient burn in protection + battery life2.05 hide launcher icon on phone2.04 improved usability on round watches2.00 Ready for Wear [email protected] fix all reported bugs asap and listen to feature requests. I am a one man team, I try to respond to every email as quickly as possible.

~DYNA Logix
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Price: $1.59
Version: 4.05
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Mar 16, 2017
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: DYNA Logix
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