Omnii™ - Private Social Media  Messaging
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Omnii™ - Private Social Media Messaging
Omnii™ - Private Social Media  Messaging

Omnii™ - Private Social Media Messaging

Social Media and Messaging with all the privacy and without any of the B.S.

Developer: Twisted Apps
App Size: varies with devices
Release Date: Apr 28, 2021
Price: Free
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Omnii is a privacy-conscious Social Media and Messaging application that aims to keep the user in control of their data and, therefore, does not rely on targeted advertisement or the selling/exploitation of user data to make money. Omnii's mission is to provide a secure and positive Social Media and Messaging experience while enabling users to interact with their closest friends and family. Omnii does not share or sell any of its users' data, nor does Omnii collect any of its users' data. Instead, Omnii gives YOU the power to own your data.

Omnii key features include...

End-to-end Encryption
Encrypted data payloads that keep your messages, posts, contacts, and in-app actions private at all times; in storage and in transit.

Decentralized Network
Decentralized storage of messages and social media data, so you are knowledgeable of every device your data resides on at all times. Additionally, the generation of the Public/Private Keys used to encrypt your data is done in a decentralized manner - you control the generation of your keys.

Own Your Data
You, the user, are always in control of your data and you are the sole owner of your data. Omnii never collects or shares your data with other entities that you did not intend to share your data with.

Enhanced Social Media & Messaging
Enhanced Social Media and Messaging features such as reply messages, editing posts/messages, deleting of your posts/messages from others' devices, future messages, timed messages (messages automatically delete after a set amount of time), posting to specific Follower Groups, and more...

No Addictive Algorithms
No algorithm-based feeds that lead to doomscrolling and keep you using the app because you were fired up about your friend's uncle's girlfriend's comment about their political views. Also, no Follower or Like counts; helping prevent poor mental health habits of comparing engagement with you content to that of your peers.

No Data Collection or Targeted Ads
No personal data collection, no targeted ads, no advertisement, PERIOD. Omnii will never share your personal data with third parties.

Omnii's Mission Statement
Enable users to create stronger relationships with people they care about, while empowering them to take back their online privacy.

Omnii's Vision
To change the way the world thinks about and values data.

Omnii's Values
Privacy. Integrity. Mindfulness. Connection.

To learn more about Omnii or to get into contact with us, please visit our website!


If you would like to become an Omnii Beta Tester to get access to the newest Omnii features first, please email us at [email protected]

Welcome to owning your data!
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Price: Free
Version: Omnii 1.0.3
Size: varies with devices
Release Date: Apr 28, 2021
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: Twisted Apps
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