Туркменский разговорник PRO
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Туркменский разговорник PRO
Туркменский разговорник PRO

Туркменский разговорник PRO

Russian-Turkmen phrasebook for learning the Turkmen language using tests

Developer: TravelGuidance.ru
App Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jun 11, 2024
Price: Free
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The Russian-Turkmen phrasebook can be used both as a phrasebook and as a tool for learning the Turkmen language (free tutorial). This is a professional version of a previously released application, in which you could also learn words and phrases in the Turkmen language.

All Turkmen words are written in Russian letters, that is, the phrasebook is designed for a Russian-speaking user.

Under each word there is a percentage and a color indicator of how well you know that word.

For example, a red indicator indicates that you know this word very poorly and needs to be repeated, but a green indicator indicates that you remember the word or phrase perfectly!

We will control the answers to each of the words, for example, if the correct answer to the same word was given 7 times out of 10, then the word has been mastered by 70%!

Your goal is to master every word 100%!

The result for all words is summed up and the overall percentage of the section has been mastered; each section must also be studied 100%!

All results are updated after each answer to a question in any test.

We also have a unique feature - "Smart Test", - this is a test of 10 words in which you most often make mistakes! This list will be updated as responses are received.

In general, learning words is very simple; in fact, it is a kind of game, the goal of which is to complete each section 100%!

After passing the test on the selected topic, you can view errors. Also, the test result for each topic is saved, your goal is to learn all the words in the selected topic 100%.

The application will allow you to take the first step towards learning the language from scratch, get you interested, and then it’s up to you to decide whether to limit yourself only to colloquial phrases in Russian, or go further, studying grammar, vocabulary and syntax.

For study, the phrasebook presents the following topics:
Conversation (21 words)
Numbers (12 words)
Days of the week (7 words)
Months (12 words)
Hotel (14 words)
Car (16 words)
Pointers (24 words)
Transport (22 words)
Services (10 words)
Restaurant / Cafe / Bar (59 words)
Shop (16 words)
Colors (13 words)
Disease (9 words)

The application is available without an Internet connection and does not require any registration!

Very soon we will have features such as:
- the ability to pass the test on absolutely all basic words;
- the ability to create your own lists of words, take a test on them, and also share this list with a friend;
- online quiz – competition with other participants; whoever guesses the most or fastest words wins and takes first place in the leaderboard;

Good luck in learning the Turkmen language, you will definitely succeed!
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Туркменский разговорник PRO 2.0 2024-06-13
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Price: Free
Version: 2.0
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jun 11, 2024
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: TravelGuidance.ru
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