Heroes of Eternity - Strategy PvP RTS game
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Heroes of Eternity - Strategy PvP RTS game
Heroes of Eternity - Strategy PvP RTS game

Heroes of Eternity - Strategy PvP RTS game

Heroes of Eternity — turn-based strategy and RTS in one Join a clan and win

Developer: TeslaGames
App Size: 67M
Release Date: Oct 11, 2018
Price: Free
135 Ratings
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“Heroes of Eternity” is a medieval fantasy-themed strategy game with RPG and MOBA
mechanics, where players find themselves in the middle of Eternal Conflict. A multi-player
real-time game brings you to a multi-lane map with a spectacular display and 3D
Top Features:
- Quest guide
- Daily/weekly/clan quests
- Participants from all over the world
- The classical strategy style construction
- Free pack every 2hrs
- Actions happen simultaneously on multiple decks
- Set up the deck for Adventure Battles
- Card buffs for Adventure Battles
- Magic cards to power your warriors
- Interactive Elements and Digital purchases
Learn how to develop great tactics!
It doesn't matter if you are a proficient or a beginner adventurer travelling the Space of
Renewal, you are to be under the Goddess's of Fate supervision. So, no more guesses
about high/low heroes powers, AOE tactics and how to build a city. Verdandi will help you
become an influential player.
Build the strongest Kingdom!
Learn how to construct golden mines, factories and impenetrable fortresses. Unlock the
Arena, Challenge Tower and Cube Collector. Upgrade your structures to serve you the
Go for an Adventure!
Don't lose time focusing just on construction - experience Endless challenge in Adventure
mode and join your friends at the War in real time.
- Create your clan and fight your way
- Take part in colossal raid battles
- Attack castles of other users
Go for ...wait, wait, wait... Legendary!
The Heroes of Eternity team has developed a vast range of magic cards in RPG style.
Every hero card is unique and serves its master the best to benefit the strategy shall it be
the normal, epic, or heroic one.
Develop the Strategy!
It is you who develops and sets the strategy in a real-time. Additionally:
- Talk to your teammates with the chat feature
- Upgrade your tactical skills
- Conquer the quests and get even more bonuses
Brought to you by Tesla Games.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.075
Size: 67M
Release Date: Oct 11, 2018
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: TeslaGames
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