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Pitching Counter - Stats Track
Pitching Counter - Stats Track

Pitching Counter - Stats Track

This pro app will track every pitch of a baseball game and provide statistics.

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Release Date: Jan 8, 2019
Price: $1.99
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This Pitching Counter application will allow you to track every pitch of a baseball (or softball) game by each pitcher. The intention is to track the performance of a pitcher over a game, or a season. 47 different pitching statistics are calculated using the tracked data.

Batters are calculated based on pitch outcomes. Innings are based upon outs.

The Pro version contains everything the free version has plus: several more statistics, better sorting, better graphics, export comparison data through email, import/export pitcher files, more detailed transition to new pitchers mid-game, and several other features!

NOTE: If you used the Pitching Counter app and are planing on using the Pro version, do NOT uninstall just yet! Rather, update to the latest release, then export all your data. Then in the Pro version, import that same data into the Pro app.

Many apps out there track only what you put in. This app will track much more to give you better insight into how your pitchers are doing. 4 balls to the same batter results in a walk. 3 strikes to the same batter results in a strikeout (assuming the 3rd wasn't a foul ball). This app will track all that and much much more!

This app can be used for softball!

All pitches, special plays, and entered runs are tracked and available in the history.
Pitches, and outs for the current inning, and for the entire game, are visible on the main screen. Current inning numbers are displayed in parentheses. The count for the current batter is displayed on the main screen.

Email can be sent at the end of each inning with a summary of that innings pitches, outs/run plays, and that days statistics.

47 different pitching statistics are generated using the tracked data:
Hits (H)
Runs (R)
Earned Runs (ER)
Walks (BB)
Strikeouts (K)
Hit By Pitch (HBP)
Reached On Error (ROE)
Earned Runs Average(ERA)
Walks And Hits Per Inning Pitched (WHIP)
Field Independent Pitching (FIP)
Number of Pitches (#P)
Total Strikes (TS)
Total Balls (TB)
Pitches Per Inning Pitched (P/IP)
Strike Percentage (S%)
First Pitch Strike Percentage (FPS%)
Swing and Miss Percentage (SM%)
Walks Per Game (BB/G)
Strikeouts Per Game (K/G)
Strikeouts Per Batter Faced (K/BF)
Strikeouts Per Walk (K/BB)
Ground Ball Percentage (GB%)
Fly Ball Percentage (FB%)
Batting Average Against (BAA)
Pick Offs (PIK)
Wild Pitches (WP)
Favorability Percentage (Fav%)
Favorable Pitches (Fav)
Unfavorable Pitches (Unfav)
Zero Walk Innings (0BBInn)
1-2-3 Innings (123Inn)
First Two Out Innings (1st2out)
Innings w/ <= 13 Pitches (<13)
Lead Off Walks (LOBB)
Balls In Play(In-Play)
Ground Outs (GO)
Line Outs (LO)
Fly Outs (FO)
Pop Outs (PO)
Singles (1B)
Doubles (2B)
Triples (3B)
Home Runs (HR)

In Settings, you can select # of innings per game. Some stats are dependent upon how many innings are in a game. For younger players, fewer innings are played.

App will allow you to compare all of your pitchers, and you can sort all stats fields that are displayed.

Please email if you have any questions on how to use the app! (see Settings / Suggestions or Issues)
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Pitching Counter - Stats Track 1.2.5 2022-06-11
2022-06-11 Version History
Fixed innings per game setting. This will affect some stats such as ERA.

~Supco Software Solutions LLC
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Price: $1.99
Version: 1.2.5
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Jan 8, 2019
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Supco Software Solutions LLC
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