Cleaner for WeChat - King of glory Edition
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Cleaner for WeChat - King of glory Edition
Cleaner for WeChat - King of glory Edition

Cleaner for WeChat - King of glory Edition

Boost King of glory wifi good WeChat scan 1-click clean junk no need VPN.

Developer: Clean Team Lab
App Size: 1.6M
Release Date: Jul 20, 2017
Price: Free
60 Ratings
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Cleaner for WeChat (King of glory edition) is a unique & professional system cleaner which aims to remove your WeChat junks.
Thus free up more space for King of glory, boosting phone performance. No need for VPN, accelerate WIFI, game booster & accelerator.
This app is the perfect choice for cleaning up WeChat trash, residue files that occupies your device’s RAM and space. Cleaner for WeChat (King of glory Edition) specializes in deep scanning your WeChat junks, and provide a complete list of unwanted files for users to choose to clean. Through our cleanse, your Android device will return to its optimal state. Our signature booster will also allow your phone to load quicker, as excessive trash are removed from your device! Because more space is released, better performance for King of glory! This is how we boost King of glory.

Please note that we do not directly connect to VPN or switch between VPN to achieve WIFI boost, though this is also a way to boost King of glory. VPN direct connection and VPN switching is an effective way, but VPN is also costly. In addition, using VPN direct connect feature will also be ineffective if internet connection isn’t good enough. Similarly, cleaning junk files, release more device space can also boost up your phone because there is more room to process. Therefore, when our players fight in the King of glory, we recommend turn on VPN direct connect feature, and perform a mobile cleanse to clear up storage space and RAM to prevent other app occupying the space. This can also prevent other app’s WIFI and VPN usage.

Why Cleaner for WeChat (King of glory Edition) is a must-have app?

WeChat is everywhere, it is one of the most popular apps globally. However, WeChat has an Achilles’ Hill: Its multi-tasking ability creates massive amount of trash data, which occupies your storage space and RAM. Therefore, we created Cleaner for WeChat to resolve these problems! Because King of glory is the best game in town, people are crazy for this game. Therefore we developed this version of Cleaner for WeChat for gamers like you! This will both boost up your phone and make your gaming experience smoother.

Professional Junk Diagnosis.
Our signature junk analysis system can perfectly detect, identify, reach and clean up WeChat trash. With your permission, Cleaner for WeChat (King of glory edition) scans every module in WeChat and diagnose which area generates excessive amount of trash. This unique feature is great for precise detection of junks, which allow our software to clean up more junks.

Innovative junk removal system
Our app not only can clear up unnecessary junks, it can also inform users what to clean and what not to. Only wish to delete a few photos? No problem? Wanna be sure what to be cleaned? You got it! Before every cleanse, we will ask for your approval. As of advanced cleanse, we will provide a complete list for removal and you will have the right to choose what to clean. All are at the touch of your fingers!

We are specialized in what we do best, we want to make Android clean right!
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Price: Free
Version: 1.2.4
Size: 1.6M
Release Date: Jul 20, 2017
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Clean Team Lab
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