Dots War 1v1 RTS - clash of dots - strategy games
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Dots War 1v1 RTS - clash of dots - strategy games
Dots War 1v1 RTS - clash of dots - strategy games

Dots War 1v1 RTS - clash of dots - strategy games

Real-time clash of dots - 1v1 strategy game takeover your enemy tower cells

Developer: Sibad
App Size: 41M
Release Date: Jun 25, 2021
Price: Free
6 Ratings
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?Dots War is a new Hyper-casual, real-time single-player strategy battle game. This game is a quick and real-time strategy and very Popular. (1v1 RTS game)

?takeovers your enemies and conquer their towers from level to level within the game.

?Defend your Towers from enemy attacks then counterattack to take control of enemies' towers, and kill enemies' dots in this 1v1 RTS game.

⚫️With the simplest control, players can operate various strategies (Attack, Defense, upgrade).
Players can USE MULTIPLE TACTICS to play like making new strategies, upgrading their troops and tower.

?Do you want to win? So you have to be really smart and react quickly to changing 1v1 strategies. Think and use strange logic, tactics.

?But if you think this is an easy game then it’s not that easy. At each level, meeting your goals is becoming more and more challenging in this 1v1 real-time strategy game.

?Dots War AI will do its best to beat and kill your dots. Be aware our AI won’t give you a second chance, we made this game harder than you think.

⚪️Try to destroy enemy towers, buildings and kill enemy dots to win PVP battles and Achieve Achievements and rewards.

?You can buy new dots from shops and customize your towers.

?How to play
To destroy and capture enemy towers, draw a line from your cell to start sending drops to the next tower. These will Tickle our AI and you will see a response From the enemy Tower and dots. Once you capture a new tower you have more troops, and you can make a new Strategy. Try attacking weak towers to capture them as soon as possible. Watch out for the number of troops each tower has. Capture all towers and kill all enemies to win.
This is war! Clash of dots war!

- Easy controls?
- Easy to Get Into, Hard to Put Down?
- Fast & Furious AI?
- Bright and eye-catching unique graphics?
- New Conquest War?
- You can command your team and control your dots?
- Chance to see how strong you are in strategy?
- Attacking towers can kill more enemy dots.?
- Hyper Casual game?
- Google Play Services?
- Free to play?

?Dots War is a quick and addictive real-time strategy 1v1 Clash of Dots game.
Solve challenging puzzles and win tough 1v1 battles in one of the best casual war games!
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Price: Free
Version: 3.9.93
Size: 41M
Release Date: Jun 25, 2021
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Sibad
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