Fire and Water - New Fire and Water 2020
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Fire and Water - New Fire and Water 2020
Fire and Water - New Fire and Water 2020

Fire and Water - New Fire and Water 2020

Fire and Water Game- New Fire and Water 2020. Be ready for the best game

Developer: Servibo Games
App Size: 25M
Release Date: Jul 30, 2020
Price: Free
67 Ratings
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Fire and Water need you! Are you going to let them stuck in the temple? We are sure about that you are not as much as thşs heartless and also sure about that you are going to help them to escape from the temple. We are sure that you are not heartless and will help them escape from the temple!
As Servibo Games, like we promised in our old game, we released our new episodes! Like our other game, you don't pay anything for this game! We are so happy to present you free Fire and Water.
Fire and Water were very popular in 2020 and continue to be popular because new episodes of the Fire and Water are designing in our company!
What is the difference of this game? Of course, there is a lot of difference! This time, you will save Fire and Water more easily from the temple because we have received feedback that our previous game was too hard, and designed an easier version for our younger players.
Fire and Water is one of the puzzle games and it can be played one person or two person.
Fire and Water series continues to be broadcasted without slowing down. It is pointless to stay away from this adventure, so download and play now!
How to play Fire And Water?
Thanks to the tips we shared with you, you will become a Fire and Water monster! You will be part of this magical world, you will even rule this world! Thanks to you, the characters will escape from the shackles! We suggest you start this adventure right away!
• You must use the Fire character to collect red diamonds.
• You must use the Water character to collect blue diamonds.
• These two characters cannot collect each other's diamonds, pay attention to this.
• If you can't collect the diamonds in the hole, you can't save the characters even when you reach the final, so don't miss the diamonds and collect them where you can
• If you manage the water character, stay away from lava! Likewise, if you manage the character of Fire, never touch the water! If you do these, you have to play again.
• Pay attention to the gap, if you fall from the gaps you will lose the game and start the section again.
• If you get stuck in a section, rest a little and start again calmly again.
• You can see the jump, right and left buttons on the screen. See very well where you have to jump, where to move!
• First look at the map and adjust how you can pass the level.
• When the characters reach the door with all the diamonds, you can take a breath, congratulations! You pass the level!
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Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Size: 25M
Release Date: Jul 30, 2020
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Servibo Games
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