Algorithms and Data Structures
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Algorithms and Data Structures
Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and Data Structures

A comprehensible content on the study of computer algorithms and data structures

Developer: Ievgen Ovsii
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Release Date: Oct 12, 2019
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Explore algorithms and data structures through interactive visualization with our mobile learning app. Designed for both beginners and experienced developers, this app offers an engaging, interactive way to visualize each step of an algorithm and data structure's operation. Enhance your understanding further by exploring live code examples on Replit, where you can also find links to additional resources on GitHub.

Key Features:

- Visual Learning: Step-by-step animations for complex algorithms and data structures, including sorts, trees, graphs, and more.
- Hands-On Interaction: Manipulate data directly within the app to see real-time algorithmic changes. Ideal for visual learners!
- Comprehensive Topics: Covers essential topics from basic linear data structures like arrays and linked lists to advanced algorithms such as Dijkstra's and MST. Includes both theory and practical code examples in Python and Java.
- Offline Learning: No internet? No problem! Learn on the go, whether you’re commuting or between meetings—perfect for busy learners.
- Gaming-Inspired Design: Engaging interface that mimics gaming environments, making learning both fun and effective.

What You'll Learn:

- Fundamental and advanced sorting algorithms: Bubble Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, and more.
- Detailed explorations of binary trees, AVL trees, red-black trees, and tree traversals.
- Graph algorithms including BFS, DFS, Prim’s algorithm for MST, and Dijkstra’s algorithm.
- Practical implementations of data structures such as hash tables and linked lists.


- Quick Learning: Bypass traditional methods with a direct, hands-on approach that keeps knowledge retention high.
- Always Available: Full offline functionality means your learning journey is always at your fingertips.
- No Subscriptions: Pay once and enjoy full access forever—no ads, no recurring fees.

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Download now and unlock the full power of visual learning to master algorithms and data structures. Whether at home, on a bus, or during a break, transform your device into a dynamic learning platform. Dive into the interactive world of algorithms today!
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Algorithms and Data Structures 1.13.6 2024-05-13
2024-05-13 Version History
The "Random" menu item has been replaced with "Examples" for both the Minimum Spanning Tree and Dijkstra's algorithm presentations. Similar to the updates made previously for DFS and BFS, each of these sections now includes four predefined examples. This change fosters a more structured and illustrative learning experience, allowing for a clear demonstration of these algorithms on specific, consistent examples.

~Ievgen Ovsii
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Price: Free
Version: 1.13.6
Size: Varies With Device
Release Date: Oct 12, 2019
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Ievgen Ovsii
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