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The App that finds your property

Developer: HOKOHA
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8 to 10 million objects are found each year in France, and yet only 1 out of 3 objects is returned to its owner, and more or less quickly. Why so little? Simply because the link to the owner is often difficult to establish.

The BOOMY application makes it possible to EASILY remedy the loss or the forgetfulness of an object. It avoids the inconveniences related to it:
- the anxiety of losing a good and the fear of not finding it
- the loss of time (search for the lost object, delays, canceled professional appointment, obligation to redo identity papers, ...)
- the loss of money (replacement cost, intervention of a locksmith, trip canceled, ...)
- the loss of personal data (computers, smartphones, wallets, photos ...)

The BOOMY application allows:
- find his objects
- the world community to achieve a CITIZEN CUSTOMIZATION by contacting you directly, quickly and anonymously. It's rewarding! The benefit is as much for the person who finds his own object as for that which allowed to prevent the owner.
- Economic and ECOLOGICAL action, by participating in the fight against an unnecessary and avoidable waste: Many objects are destroyed because they can not find their owner.

How does BOOMY work?
Thanks to a simple identification by QR CODES (stickers, minicards, medals, ...), the owner can secure his most sensitive objects.
The application allows any person who finds the lost item, anywhere in the world, 24/7, to make contact with the owner of the object, in a completely anonymous way.
The finder of the object does not need to fill in its coordinates, nor to download the application to get in touch with the owner. The anonymity of the owner and the finder are completely respected.
By scanning the QR code, the person who finds the object or animal can exchange by courier with the owner of the object or animal. THE REFUND CAN BE THEREFORE IMMEDIATE.

This application of great UTILITY allows the owner:
- to assign a QR code FOR LIFE to each of his sensitive objects, or those of his family (children, parents ...) by recording it on the application BOOMY
- to personalize its list of secured objects (name, category, photo)
- to receive an "alert" notification as soon as a person finds his object
- to receive a confirmation of the alert by e-mail
- to exchange by anonymous mail with the finder of its object
- to find all the discussions established
Ideal for smartphones, keys (car, home, work), identity papers (passport, identity card, vital card, driving license, ...), bank cards, comforters, computers, suitcases, wallets, sporting objects, tools professionals, bicycles, scooters ... but also dogs, cats! And everything that is important to you!

BOOMY is also an INTEGRATED SCANNER to read all the QR codes you encounter. An application that makes your life easier.
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Price: Free
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Developer: HOKOHA
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