War Legends RTS strategy game
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War Legends RTS strategy game
War Legends RTS strategy game

War Legends RTS strategy game

Fantasy strategy game in classic style

Developer: Gear Games Global
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Price: Free
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A classic RTS in a fantasy setting. Breathtaking real-time online battles: collect resources, build a base, and cast mighty spells!

Are you ready for epic battles with other players? Destroy an enemy base in PvP duels and increase your rank in competitive battles. Use a wide range of tactics and strategies to triumph. Collect heroes, units, and buildings, complete quests, and get special rewards.

War Legends: Strategy Game RTS is a unique fantasy game inspired by the best classic strategies! The legendary mechanics of your favorite strategy games on PC is now available on mobile platforms. Command every unit in battle, construct buildings, get resources such as gold and wood, hire units and heroes.

Choose your tactics and strategy, play and win epic battles between the alliances of the Light and the Dark. Dwarves and goblins, orcs and humans, undead and elves — each race has unique characteristics! The healing magic of elves, the dark rituals of the undead, the trusty blade and magic of humans, the wrath of orcs, the mad inventions of goblins and the exceptional technology of dwarves — use them wisely to win.

★ Classic real-time mobile strategy with PC RTS-like controls (real-time strategy).
★ Spectacular PvP battles online — intense battles against other players.
★ Two mighty alliances — the factions of the Light and the Dark. Each one got its own features, unique magic, buildings, heroes, and units.
★ Six races — elves and undead, humans and orcs, dwarves and goblins.
★ Powerful spells — use the power of magic scrolls to drop a magical meteorite on your enemy's head or strengthen your army.
★ Tactics and strategy — the outcome of the battle solely depends on your decisions! The range of units and tactical options allows you to devise various strategies.
★ A colorful fantasy world with incredible 3D graphics allows you to fully experience the atmosphere of the magical world.
★ Mastered in a day, hard to get away. For those new players of the RTS (real-time strategy) genre, we've created a step-by-step tutorial to help newcomers grasp the details of the genre.
★ Collect and improve the cards of units, buildings and heroes — make your unique victorious army.
★ PvE campaign for the Light and the Dark: the story of the conquest of territories and battles of Paladin Gilbert, Bombardier Berin, Chieftain Grokk, Alchemist Jax, and other heroes during a series of engaging missions.

Plus, in the future, the game is going to have clans, clan battles, team modes (such as PvP 2x2), new maps, PvE campaign missions, new units, heroes and spells, as well as much more. Stay tuned as the game develops!

ATTENTION! War Legends: Strategy Game RTS is a multiplayer online strategy fantasy game. It requires a constant and stable internet connection. Without it, the game will not run.

The game is being tested now, so you might experience issues when playing. Currently, we’re developing the game and adding new contents. If you’ve found a bug or you’d like to improve the game, please contact us via our social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warlegendsrts/
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Price: Free
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Developer: Gear Games Global
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