AI Basketball Betting Tipster
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AI Basketball Betting Tipster
AI Basketball Betting Tipster

AI Basketball Betting Tipster

Daily bet tips app for NBA cups and leagues. Odds results score predictions.

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Release Date: Nov 29, 2022
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Predictions for World’s Basketball in One Single App

We provide AI powered betting predictions for various basketball tournaments from the globe, including NBA from USA and EuroLeague from Europe. Our algorithms constantly analyze the performance situation of basketball teams and generate predictions for final game results and total score figures for each game. No human interaction is involved in the generation of predictions, and we solely rely on our algorithms. Algorithms work in a way so that predictions are generated consistently, which is not really feasible when predictions are made by humans. Our AI algorithms look at a large number of features when generating predictions and can learn how each feature may affect the result of a basketball game. Predictions are renewed periodically and past prediction results are openly shared in our application. With out app, you don’t need to spend so much time on game and team stats, basketball props, and game highlights. Basketball Betting Tipster automates the performance analysis work for you so that you can focus on thinking how to use the predictions to develop the best basketball betting strategy to beat the bookies. Whenever possible, we even share reference betting odds for each prediction so that you can even consider odds when using the predictions when developing your basketball betting strategy.
Game Result Predictions

Our AI algorithms generate the likelihood of each basketball team to win the game that will be played. These predictions are probabilistic and shared as a percentage figure for each team. Since there is always a winner in basketball games, the team having a winning probability that is greater than 50% is the expected winner based on our algorithms. Our algorithms expect that a given game is riskier for betting when these probabilities are close to each other (say 48% and 52%). As the winning probability increases and gets closer to 100% for a given team, it indicates a stronger confidence on the prediction for that team to win the game. Whenever it is possible, reference odds are made available as well from bookmakers for each game result prediction.
Total Score Predictions

Beside game result predictions, we even share total score predictions for each game. It is very challenging to be very accurate on total score predictions so that beside the total score prediction, we even share a prediction interval for the total score itself. For example, if the total score prediction is – say – 180 for a given basketball game, our algorithms also provide an interval i.e. the total score of the game is expected to be between 168 and 192. In this way, you can try to pick the best bet for total score betting for basketball games. Whenever it is possible, reference betting odds are made available for total score predictions as well in our mobile app.
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AI Basketball Betting Tipster 1.4.37 2024-06-17
2024-06-17 Version History
User interface improvements are delivered.

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Price: Free
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